Takashi: The way of the guild

The first three where no more then cannon fodder.  Now the fight began.  As blades collided i created a smaller sword that connected with a chain to my original from the extra metal i gained from the others.  Blocking the dagger that was about to pierce my rib cage.  He had improved.  Using the force from the dagger i summersaulted over him crouching as i landed then pulled on the chain that now  pulled him by his throat i span on the spot to see him land on the floor.  I retracted the chain and approached him.

"stop this madness.  He isn't one of us he doesn't know us unlike the emeror." i pleaded

"You mean the emperor you foresake to chase dreams of defying death?"

"No i mean the emperor that is clearly not himself.  And until he is himself again not one person in the guild is safe."

His face contorted i dodged backwards but i was too late he landed a hit from left hip to right shoulder.  I dropped the shorter sword but managed to keep a hold on my sword.  It was deep i may not have counted on loosing this much blood but...

Now it was him who stood over me.  I noticed a spectater, i hope he isn't with them.

"now where's that attitude? A little cut and your down for the count? He tried to angitate me"

"This is your last chance to help me" i caughed

"Help you?" it was retorical " your a traitor and your fini..." he neve did finish his sentances when he gets hit.  The sword i dropped had changed into a spear headed snake and plunged itself into his shoulder.  I didn't wait to see his response and seized the chance shoulder barging him and plunged my blade into the wound on my chest.  My sword liquified to cover the wound then chained itself to the hilt of my sword.  With no metal left i dropped the pommel and left it dangling between us.  we landed i roled over him as he lay in shock at the sudden attack.  One final thing to do i rearanged the metal that impaled my opponent so that it was sealed into his shoulder with circular plates at both sides.

"cleaver use of metal don't you think?"  I said calmly.

"you've got no weapon left" he broke into laughter "What are you going to do? call me na..." again his annoying habbit of stopping mid sentance.  He had noticed my sword slowly growing.

"Calcium oxide, Iron, Magnesium and a few other metals are in the blood you think i did that just to look cool?"  He obviously decided he should attack before i get too much metal.  before he reached me i retracted the chain linked to his shoulder pulling him off balance and watched him land face down again.  I couldn't help but laugh.

"I thought you learned faster then this.  How did you make it to fourth seat again?" He became more enraged and formed a spear as black as his mood so that he wouldn't have to get too close.  His first lunge scraped the metal on my chest.  I couldn't see it?  the angle was against his black uniform.  I grabbed the pommel that hovered near  my left hand spanned a cirle shield as far as i could given the material i had deflecting blow after blow. Eventually I noticed a patern.  I retracted my shield slowly as i homed in on the precise locations.  He didn't seem to notice.  I parried a blow then span the pommel to hold it backwards revealing a blade i made with the retracted shield material.  As i lunged he released the spear and brought a dagger down into my shoulder as a last act of spite.  I expanded the blade and felt the dagger disappear as his top half fell to the floor taking the chain with it.  I let out a sigh and patched the punctture that had the distinct shape of a dagger.

"rest in peace.  If only you had listened."

The End

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