Matt: Dissent in the Shadow Guild

There was a rush of air that seemed to end before it had even started. I had the most horrible sensation, a lurch in my stomach. Pretty soon, I hit the ground. I groaned and stumbled whilst turning around. They stood in the door, looking annoyed. I could barely make them out, my vision so gone.

"Don't come here again!" 

At some point of the night, I remembered a singer with a great voice and totally hot, then I remember locking lips and after that, being thrown out. I wonder why... maybe she was taken. The door slammed shut as the rain continued to poor. My clothes were a sodden mess, my hair plastered to my face. I sat up, then my hand slipped and I hit my head on the muddy pavement again.

I lay there a while. I had pains everywhere. My head head was spinning and I felt sick, and yet I found I didn't really care about anything. I wanted nothing more than to lie here forever. I was numb, I could feel nothing, even though my whole world was shaking, I had no fear. Before long I realised I was shivering from a cold I couldn't feel.

Then there was a shadow to my right. I would have looked but I couldn't be bothered moving my head.

Suddenly there was a flash of grey and something ran past me. I snapped up then, to see a man I vaguely recognised. There were further shadows running past. Pretty soon, they were in an open square with lots of people milling about aimlessly. The man with steel-white hair and a large sword in his hand turned and crouched slightly in a defensive position. There was no fear, only absolute concentration. The others stopped, surrounding him. I could tell they were members of the Shadow Guild. They reminded me of Shade. I felt a slight twinge of anger.

"You know you cannot leave the guild Takashi," one of the men growled in Japanese.

"There is no guild, not with him there," Takashi answered, "You four are pathetic, how could you follow an outsider? You are all cowards seeking glory, and that isn't our way ()," he retorted to the man he had addressed.

There was a quick burst of darkness and one of the four figures disappeared to reappear above Takashi. With amazing speed, he flicked his sword upwards and the mans blade caught his. Suddenly the metal disappeared and was absorbed by Takashi's. But the man continued to fall into the blade, pierced in the stomach. Takashi held him aloft.

"You should know better ()," with that, he retracted the blade and () fell to the floor.

He turned once more to the other three and waited.

Two moved first, leaving () behind.

The first one went for an overhead strike, yet as his blade fell, a double of him appeared on the other side. Takashi raised his blade which curved over his head, blocking both attacks. The man went for a jabs which again reflected on his over side. Takashi dodged and the man stabbed himself. He fell to his knees. Takashi raised his blade and slit his throat, continuing the movement to his sword and absorbing it. The third man, wearing goggles, was more careful.

It was at that point that suddenly, they were shrouded by an impenetrable darkness. I could see and hear nothing. I moved closer, squinting to see.

Then the darkness dissipated and the man with goggles lay on the floor.

"Is this all Chikara juu can muster (), you have no order, you have lost your way and so you are weak. The man you now blindly serve has his own agenda which you fail to see, I stand for the greater good and he for his own purposes," Takashi stepped foward. He reminded me very much of the Shade I thought I knew.

The shadows seemed to gather together in the form of a blade in ()'s hand.

"You will pay for your crimes in blood, that is the Guild's way."




The End

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