Shift: Vengeance


That was all i could think about as i hunted down the guy that killed my sister...

But i knew deep inside, that my ancestor would be with him, and i could not defeat my ancestor. There has to be a way.

Maybe if my ancestor got distracted, then i could have Necro a one on one, and when i kill him, my ancestor will die... easy plan. Now killing Necro on the other hand, wont be.

As i walked through many trees, streets and people. I noticed looks of hate. Looks like they didn't want me around. But it didn't bother me.

But it seemed to me that they were following me, still giving me bad looks.being away from a television has made me miss something important i think.

As i got out of the city, they seemed to have stopped following me. But they were acting weirdly and i was quite interested into finding out why they had been like that.

My memory went back to Jenny, her death will haunt me for time to come. This whole superhuman business, it got my parents killed... It got my sister killed... I seem to have it lucky, for now. I just want to live a normal life, but i just cant seem to.

I got a car, shifting my finger into a key that fit into its keyhole. I drove to Las Vegas, this was the final fight between me and Necro, one of us WILL die tonight.

It took me many hours of non-stop driving to get to Vegas. I drove straight past all traffic, which did get me tailed by cops. When i ran out of gas i just jumped out of the window as an eagle.

I got to Las Vegas by sunrise.

I went to the closest graveyard, and i went into the morgue. There he was.

"Hello there... Terrence" I scowled

"How did you know where i was" he gasped

"It doesnt matter, im going to kill you anyway"I said slowly. I had the feeling someone was behind me, it was my ancestor. But as i saw him, i also saw by the door, the army show up again. My ancestor turned around slowly, and walked out. The doors shut slowly.

I looked back at Terrence who was already mid-leap toward me. I blocked and countered. I kicked him onto the lower level.

I turned my hands into sledgehammers, and knocked down the columns that kept the roof up. As the roof fell down, sunlight shot into Terrences eyes, blinding him.

"You see that!" i shouted "Have some more!" I knocked down another column.

"It doesnt matter what you do, you wont ever be able to bring your sister back, but i will..." he said with a evil grin.

"How?" I asked quickly

"I have a cure for death, it has taken me many years to create, and burying me alive will destroy it"

I thought about it for a second, would i want to bring my sister back? Is that the right thing to do?

"Your lying..." I said as i knocked yet another column down.

Terrence was just lying on the floor screaming now, the sunlight burning into his flesh slowly. Peeling off his skin and going down to his bones.

I knocked down the last column, and flew out through the top so i could see his morgue collapse to the ground. He was finished.

I flew home, to take a rest and to do something i had planned a long time ago.

The End

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