Tom: The Voice of Gabriel

I'd lost them, and now we hid in an alleyway. Everything was dark, so dark I could see only the pale faces of my teammates like deathly masks. Suddenly there was a slight thud in the dark. We all turned in unison.

I was about to say something but I felt my throat constrict. Suddenly I couldn't breathe. With a sickening lurch, I realised I had my hands to my throat and couldn't stop them choking the life out of me. It was then that I heard the eerie whispering that filled the alleyway speaking latin. From the inky shadows, the figure of a man stood, his eyes glowing red.

The words filled my head, beat the sides of my brain senseless and screamed at me, making my mind hurt. It got louder and louder till I wanted to tear out my hair. I felt faint as all the air vanished from my restricted  lungs and my eyes bulged until vessels popped.

"non vivunt, non est spiritus, morte mors tibi morimur, vitam," the words seeped out from my brain 'till my whole body shook with pain. I was losing conciousness fast now.

There was a small orb of gold in front of me, it was a curious thing, was it an opening to heaven? I wondered.

The gold suddenly burst into a shower of sparks and suddenly a man appeared. In his presence I felt the words quieten and my hands loosen. I took a gulp of air and realised how weak my limbs felt, I almost fell to the ground.

Suddenly the man was glowing a brilliant gold, he was clad in a golden skin-tight top and trousers with red on the sides of his top, sleeves and trouser. On his head was a gold mask with red apart and he wore a red cape with a strange gold emblem.

"I am the Voice of Gabriel, His will upon this earth, your words of power will have no effect in my presence!" The light revealed a grotesque man. He wore black robes his skin was grey, his eyes red. The nose looked smashed and the mouth crooked. The Voice of Gabriel, floating in mid-air, rose his hand and there was a flash of light. The creature erupted in golden flames and screamed in agony. He ran away in fright.

The Voice of Gabriel folded his arms and turned slowly in the air to face us.

"His will be done," the being said, and exploded one more into golden sparks. He was gone.

"Who the hell was that?" Hunter exclaimed.

"I don't know, but I recognise his voice..." I tried to remember, but my brain was starved of oxygen and I could barely remain concious. A thought seemed to drift into my subconciousness but the more I tried to grasp it, the more elusive it became.

"We need to get home," Vixen murmured, "and away in case that guy turns up again."

"What sort of power was that?" Bree asked.

"I would assume some sort of magic," I replied.

The End

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