Shift: Ancestors

I was a golden eagle, and my sister gliding next to me as we made our way to Kentucky. The image of my ancestors tomb stuck in my mind, somewhere in the middle of a forest.

When we reached what looked like a forest, we saw a distant light. The sun was going down and we heard weird chanting noises. We emerged from the bushes to find the tomb, and a light coming from inside... Someone was in there! And they weren't alone.

I walked to the entrance, and saw a door and people in black robes with a skull on the chest, worshiping the door to the place where my ancestor laid.

"Hey, what are you doing in here!" I shouted

"Its him" one of them whispered. I just looked at them with confusion.

"Get him!" another one shouted, they all went to grab me, but i didn't seem to fight back.

"You are his decendent are you not?" one asked, i nodded. "Do you know where he is buried?"

"Not exactly, but i have a vague idea..." I mumbled

"Show us..." He whispered, as if he had been looking forward to this his entire life.

I walked into the tomb, there was a huge metal door that seemed to have been closed for many years. It had a lock that was by pass code. It was an 8 digit pass code. The only 8 digit i could think of was his date of birth. '12071290'.

I heard a click, and the doors began to open and dust flew everywhere. By the time the dust settled it was a huge tomb like area. I was in my families tomb...

The place was huge and full of mossy and half destroyed rock. The odd skeleton here and there. Blood stains and rats. Just your typical place where the dead are found.

Looking around, i could see his coffin.

The cult people walked over to the coffin, and lifted off the lid. There he was, my ancestor. The cause of the bubonic plague...

"Let us begin the revival ceremony!" they all began to gather around the body, putting various herbs and stuff on it. They then backed off, into a circle and did some worshiping. The torches around the coffin lit up on their own, and the foundations were beginning to shake.

"I must say Frank, you are proving yourself quite useful..." came a voice, and then lots of evil laughing. It was Necro Assassin. He had a girl with him, her hair was blond and curly and her eyes were sky blue. "Have you met Deflector? She was a friend of your friends"

"Wait a minute... If your here then... Oh dear!" I shouted, then i turned around to see my ancestor, stood up and living.

"Attack..." laughed Terrance

The End

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