Plotting Pepe Tom


"You are one of few Superhumans to publically reveal your identity," the reporter looked at me with a cunning smile, "I suppose that makes you feel important, you know what they say about pride however... Senator Whippet."

"I can assure you that mine revealing myself has nothing to do with the recent anti-Superhuman hysteria, I felt the time had come to tell you all who I really was, what I had been doing for the capital of this great nation. I have tried to save it with words and with actions, I am sorry if you feel I have failed you, I only wish you could see things from my point of view."

"I see you stand alone on that podium Senator, that is a shame, if only more of you were less cowardly, then we could find the culprits of destruction."

"Not everybody shares my ideals, not everybody believes they may receive a warm welcome into the countrys arms. I however, am a longstanding, respectable politician and crime-fighter, I have earned my honour through my own hard work and suffering..." The podium was high above the assembled crowd in the open air. Everybody looked at me with tortured faces, trying to decide what to think, "I assure you, my first priority is the nation and it's public, everything else comes second to that."

"So it would seem, honourable Senator," I hated this guy, he was a little worm with his thick, horn-rimmed glasses, his chestnut hair slicked back and his beady little, cold-grey eyes, "though I have been through the records of your 'saves' it seems you've made an awful lot of mistakes that cannot go unpunished," the crowd picked up, angry faces were visible, some even seemed to be remembering moments.

"He failed to save my brother!" one man shouted, "and now he's dead!"

"My moms in jail, framed for a crime she didn't commit because of him!"

I looked upon these people... I couldn't place any of them, could they be set-ups designed to cast me in a bad light.

"The car-bombing of 33rd street... the robbery of PNC Bank on Martin Luther King Jr Avenue... The breakout of Correctional Treatment Facility on E Street Southeast... Various public desplays of vandalism... all of these happened on your watch Senator..."

"I am sorry to say that I cannot be everywhere at once, I apologise for any inconveniences... you must remember however that I am not alone, that the police are just a liable as I-"

"-and yet the police are held accountable for their faults, you on the other hand, have not attoned for any of your crimes," it seemed like he was shepherding me into a trap that I couldn't escape, "now what would you say if I mentioned the name Molly Dolton..." there was an audable gasp and a general outcry, "that little girl you murdered!"

"That wasn't me!"

The roaring and chanting reached fever pitch. At that instant, there was a sudden explosion behind us and the Washington Monument began to collapse, heading right for the crowd. I tore off my clothes to reveal my red costume with orange, vertical stripes. I tugged at the ropes at my waist and they came apart.

With a quick slash, they extended far and wrapped themselves around the monument. I pulled myself onto the monument up and towards the monument, the whips retracting. I flung myself round till I was on the opposite side, then landed near the base of the broken part. I pulled with all my might. I wasn't superstrong, but my whips were imbued with my will, and right now I really willed the monument not to fall. Slowly, I managed to pull it up till it was upright.

I sighed with relief as it fell into place.

Several reporters and citizens were running towards the scene, Pepe Tom was first. He looked at the ground and bent down, after picking something up, he showed it to the crowd.

"The fragments of a bomb, what a dangerous stunt to pull to gain your popularity," he turned towards me with a thoroughly sly look, "this man, is nothing but a crook and a conman," I shivered with rage, but I kept my face composed.


The room was dark, tinged with a deep red. There were photos everywhere, patches of wall designated to different Supers.

The reporter sat at a table, dipping his latest photograph in the solution.

His hair was bedraggled, his tanned face slightly red and malevolent in the light. He held a maniacal glee in his eyes as the picture slowly came to focus. Quickly he held it up and pegged it onto a line. As he waited, he glanced at all his other victims. Supernova, well that was just to easy. The hero was riddled with flaws and mistakes too great to mention, and Pepe knew he had once worked for a villain, 'if a hero can switch sides so freely, how can they be trusted?' Then there was Sharpshooter. This one was more difficult, he was new and so far perfect, so he was biding his time till something concrete came about. The one who went by many names... Phase being the member of the Thieves Guild, Bounty Hunter being the true embodiment of the vigilante that cops despised... and their were many cops that wanted his skin. Walker on the other hand, he again was new, so new that it seemed he had sprung from nowhere. He had tried hard to get some information that could persecute him, yet his history seemed pretty boring... attended Yale, worked for various small companys for work experience, apprenticed to his adoptive father... he could only work off what he had. And then there was the elusive ISOTOPE. Their identities were well hidden, their true morals equally so. They were a thorn in his side, one of the peaceful protestors who had a lot of leeway.

The image of the man came more and more into shape. He had long hair and a gaunt face. In his eyes were years of experience and power. He was the next victim. Edward Gabriel.

Then he would set to work on ISOTOPE until finally, the Superhuman population would be crushed and disposed of.

The phone rang so that Pepe almost jumped.

"Hi, yes I know what you wanted... don't worry your little socks, the public are eating up my stories before they can even be printed... yes I know it's taking a long time, these things take patience and hard research... don't worry sir, I have everything under control... I still think that Simpson guy shouldn't play a bigger role than me, why does he get to play future prime minister and I'm stuck writing about it... I'm sorry, don't hurt me... yes, yes whatever you say sir," the phone went dead and Pepe shivered in fear.

The End

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