Tom: Fleeing

The sky burned brightly. Beneath me was the city, overhead a canvas of morning colour.

"We hit a problem Sharpshooter," a voice said.

"I'm really going to have to give that name justice," I smirked, "heading to your position," I flipped open my device given to me by Rob and saw the dot moving fast, heading my way. I leapt from the building, the floor rising fast. I nearly hit it when the cord reached it's peak. I let it go before I was bounced back up and it flung itself upwards.

Ahead of me was a large neon, animated sign, "Walker Inc, Oceanus branch... Coming soon!"

I heard the car before I saw it. It revved loudly and roared around the corner. It was massive and shiny black though it had a few bullet holes in the side.

I ran into the road. A car came towards me but I leapt up onto the bonnet and flipped ahead. I landed on the target and took a sword from my back. I stabbed through. Suddenly the car swerved to the left. I nearly fell off, clinging to the sides for support. I was about to make another attempt at ripping of the hood when I was saved the hassle. The roof window rolled open and a figure emerged. He wore black sunglasses and a suit, his hair slicked back.

He pointed a gun at me. The car swerved again as he shot so that he almost fell over as he shot, missing me.

I crawled towards him, then he gathered himself and aimed again. I rolled to the right as he fired twice more so that the bullet missed me by inches.

"I never miss!" I heard his wind-muffled shout.

"Too bad," I laughed and managed to flip myself onto my feet backwards. I nearly overdid it and tumbled off but luckily, I stopped right in front of him. I knocked the gun out of his hand with my swords handle and grabbed his hand with my other. I kicked his face and he hit the back of his head against the car, collapsing.

I grabbed hold of the roof, unable to keep my balance. They began to roll up the window but I was ready and placed my blade in the way. It shattered.

We turned heavily to the right and I lost my footing. I clung onto the car, my feet flailing in the air.

I glanced inside the car and saw that it was full of mob members.

They all saw me and pointed their guns upwards. Several bullet holed emerged in the roof were my feet had been seconds ago.

I threw a small sphere into the car and there was an intense flash of white light. The car hit a lampost and I went flying, just landing on my feet.

Wearily I got up and went towards the car. I raised my sword and with tentative fingers, placed my hand on the door handle.

It burst open and a figure knocked me to the ground.

He held dual pistols and on his head was a trilby. His jacket was long and black.

"Fat Tony says hi," he smirked and fired. I slashed at the bullets and they ricocheted off my blades into the wall of a building spreading plaster onto the street, "if you wanna know who I am," he tipped his hat up a bit so I could just about see his thick brown beard and long brown hair that framed a red, sharp-eyed face, "ask your friend Supernova."

More of the mob got out. They each pointed their guns at me.

Suddenly, there was a dash of grey and an arrow pierced the road between us. The arrow resonated and blew up in smoke.

I heard muffled thumps behind me.

"Finally," I rolled my eyes.

"Just be glad we got here when we did," Hunter chided.

"Yeah, you'd be dead otherwise," Vixen agreed.

There was a flurry of wind that could only belong to Bree.

The smoke began to clear and the mob were mostly running apart from the man, Bree ran after them. It didn't take long.

"Gunslinger!" Hunter exclaimed, "what are you doing here?" the man called Gunslinger jerked his head at Hunter and I could tell his brow was furrowed. Suddenly he looked at him, with a smile.

"Ah, you're the lil piggie that cried all the way home," he laughed softly, "I kinda hoped you'd survive, I wanted to see what that would do to you."

"It taught me the nature of humanity and pushed me into who I am now," this time Hunter smiled, "the man who might just kill you dead."

"Then you should thank me," Gunslinger growled.

He fired at Hunter who ducked. Vixen raced forward, claws in the open, and lunged at him. Gunslinger rotated to the side so that she missed, sending her off-balance. He was about to shoot when an arrow pierced his shoulder. In retaliation, the villain quickly shot his gun, hitting Hunter in the leg who fell to the ground. I moved forward this time but as I did, he shot at the car which instantly blew up.

Whilst I was destracted he ran into an alleyway. I saw Bree chase him. In seconds she was back in front of us.

"He's disappeared," she scratched her head confused, "I looked everywhere and he's gone."

"I'm sure we'll see him again," I muttered.


This was how I had spent the three months since the incident. Trying to save people.

Already I could see a crowd forming around us, booing us and pointing at the exploding car as if we'd caused it.

"Let's get outta here," I said, and carrying Hunter, we escaped the angry crowd.

The End

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