Shift: History Lesson

Looking through these documents, i could see many things. Most of them, i could of smiled upon, others i could of frowned. Back in his day, he killed many. It all started when he found out about his power, he helped people with it. Later on he started to get more and more corrupt, starting to use them for evil reasons.

His power, was whatever he imagined it was. So he could do anything, so long as he thinks of it.

He was very unlike humans, he'd been around for a long long time. Born around the 1290's and died around 1800's. A very unnatural thing even for a superhuman. He was born in the UK.

He had many powers, one of which, is what created the bubonic plague... he was the one who killed of most of planets population. Nobody knew why, he lived alone mostly.

Then i found it, he had a wife, cause of death... murdered. He grieved for years, until when he found out who did it, he wanted to kill him in the most painful way he could imagine. His brain came up with the bubonic plague, and his power granted him the free will to spread it. After seeing what it could do, his sadistic mind overpowered him, and he spread it across the entire of Europe. It took him a while, and he finally managed to get it off Britain by immigrating to France.

He spreaded it across Europe, and tried to spread it across other countries, eventually he couldn't find anyone. Desperate to kill he went back to the UK. He had created many different illness to make people suffer from, so he could hide the bubonic plague. People were starting to notice that not only was he around whenever the plague was, but he also didn't catch it. Being very big catholics back then, the population went around looking for him, he became a very wanted man.

Eventually, he laid low, he seemed to be able to change his appearance, due to his power. He got married again in 1376, lasted him until 1428. Again he grieved, but he endured, it was bound to happen seeing as he could live forever. It was a few decades until anything interesting happened, he thought about wanting to be a kid again, and turned himself into a kid. Got adopted by a kind family who sent him to school, the real reason he turned into a kid. When he was educated, he worked a lot. Until around the 1800's. When the news of the discovery of 'The New World' he decided he would go there, a new country to wreak havoc on. It took him around a year to get there, with the amount of saving up and waiting until he could get a boat.

He found America to be a great country, he thought it big enough for his needs. He began living a normal life, married and had kids. He had a wonderfully growing family, his never ending life sparked some suspicions around the place.

Life came and went in his family, until around the 1800's, specifically 1859. He had enough of death, and thought that he no longer wanted to live forever through the pain of loss. He then committed suicide.

His family buried him, in a tomb hidden deep in a forest, somewhere around Kentucky...

This document, could not get to Necro no matter what.

I put the documents back in the box, and put it back under security lock.

"I have to do it... I have to visit him" I said to myself, Jennifer looking at me sincerely

"Then I'm coming with you" she said with a smile

"Your the only family I've got left Jen, I can't lose you"

"You wont" She kissed me on the forehead, "C'mon then lets go!"

The End

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