Rob: From One Fight to Another

Finally my banishment ended!

I spent a year in that alternate Universe. Of course once they'd started, the aliens had continued to take the people of Heliopolis on. Suffice to say they failed miserably. The Dimension Stalkers had annhialted most of their ranks and vehicles, some of the police were dead but not many, yet despite how inferior the police were in firepower, they began to push the aliens back. Then the American Army got involved. It was pretty amazing to see.

Their jets were silver in color and their engines were as blue as lapis lazuli. They were shaped to a fine point and had energy guns. Though they weren't as advanced as the aliens, it was enough to put a stop to them. The infantry also carried a primitive energy weapon and their vehicles were more armored and blasted heavy radiation. I was curious about where they had gotten this tech. After consulting Fluke, he explained that Heliopolis was very involved in intergalactic affairs. Although America, to a point, feared them for their proximity and lack of worry, the people of Heliopolis were becoming fast attuned to seeing the odd strange looking person walking the streets every now and then, even if they were surrounded by an armed escort.

More interestingly, it seemed that the president had authorised Earth to be part of a benign Galactic Authority known weirdly as the USA, or United Species Alliance. This Alliance consisted of millions of planets around the Universe that traded with each other and looked out for each other. Although there were pirated and outside Alliance threats such as the Valverines, it was relatively safe.

Yet the fight was annoyin and I was thoroughly tired of it, glad when it finished and the wounded warriors left. Eventually, I learned toughly how to approach the veil but just wasn't yet strong enough to push through. Thankfully, they were developing the technology to move between dimension (looted from the aliens of course) and with a little push, I returned to America.


I emerged at my alternate parents house, they were surprised to see me. Apparently in the year 2012, their son had died. My alternate father had become terminally ill and I spent a further month with my alternate mother looking after him, telling him my story and what I planned to do. He said he had a company, a large one known as Walker Inc that designed products. He said I could have it but to do so, I would have to be adopted by him. So he signed the papers. On his deathbed I cried, for it brought back memories of my own fathers death in the year 2012. My alternate mother shared my tears and I comforted her. I spent the final month sorting out the funeral, getting to know the company and publically outing myself as the new Head of Walker Inc. Then finally, I had to begin overseeing the construction of the new Oceanus chain.

My alternate mother had decided to fully take me under her wing and using all the contacts she had from her days as a US Senator, claimed that I had been adopted many years ago. She did this so I could become the person I was meant to be.


"So you stand for the rights of the Superhumans then, Mr.Walker?"

"Indeed I do, they are valid citizens of the US and as a fellow human, I feel obliged to accept them into our nation. Only a select few commit these crimes, but for every negative act, there is an equal and opposite positive act, and you, Mr Simpson... fail to recognize that!" I raised my arm in the air and bits of the crowd cheered.

"Oh yes, America is a free country and all... then why, if we are free people as you say, do we walk down the streets with our minds opened up for you Superhumans to read as if the nation were a public library?" he called in outrage. The majority of the crowd jeered and chanted.

"PEOPLE, PEOPLE!" I tried to calm them down, "again, those are a select few, most of whom are decent and honest people who would not use said-powers in such a vulgar way-"

"-you speak, Mr Walker, as if you know them... do you consort with their kind? are you their spokesperson? are you even a Superhuman in disguise?" he looked out victoriously as the crowds eyes looked at me with distrust.

He was twisting my words... the press had wanted my opinion and I knew I had to answer their call or else face suspicion, yet I was fighting this battle on my own. Everybody else had withdrawn when the light had been cast on us and now the press and the public were looking for targets. I may well have become one.

"Mr Simpson, you misunderstand me. Why would I voice my opinions publically if it would destroy my reputation? Yet there you stand, high on your pedestal of hate and fear and judge those that have slightly different view than you. I will not attack your personage, nor will I condemn you, but I will not stand to be insulted, and nor will I stand to let innocent people suffer your persuction!" With that I stormed away, head held high. There was catcalling and booing, but also cheering which I appreciated. So not everybody was a lost cause.

"So the loser walks away, how sore," oh how I wanted to turn around and throw his figure into the mouth of a Stalker. With as much restraint as I could muster, I held off.

It was clear, however, why they litstened to him. He was tall, he was strong, he was an American hero dammit and nobody knew who I was. I would show them all soon though, and then I would be the powerful one who could sway the nation with but a few swathe words.

The End

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