Shift: The Reason Why...

At first there was nothing, then my eyes gradually opened. I saw my sister, shes changed. She dyed her hair blonde, she must be trying to be trendy again. But i must say, it suits her quite well. She was sitting next to me, watching me like a guardian angel. I was lying in a bed in what looked like my house.

"Oh my god, your awake, I was so worried!" she cried

"What happened? How did i get here?" I asked

"You just walked in, looking like you were pretty beat up,then you just collapsed"

"Oh, i remember the fight, but not the getting here part"

"What happened, who were you fighting?"

"Hmm... It was Necro Assassin, yet again. Three months ago, i set off without telling the others, because it was rather important." I explained "Afterward i found him pretty easily, inside the hotel he knocked me out of"

"He knocked you out of a hotel?" gasped Jennifer

"Top floor, i hit the signs on the way down, practically, if i were human, id be dead" I said "Anyway, i got to the door, and the zombies attacked me. It was pretty easy getting to the top floor. Then there he was, we had a discussion about something that i had. Apparently he wants to kill me so he can bring me back and loot my house for this document; seeing as only people who are permitted in can get through the shield. Inside this document he can find out where our ancestors was buried. You see, one of them was not only one of the richest people in the world, buried with his riches. But he was also a superhuman, his power was colossal."

"Do you know where he is buried?" asked Jenny

"Wish i did, but i prevent myself from reading that document, its full of great grandfathers things, memories written down and all sorts. He wasnt exactly a 'superhero' he was an evil man who slaughtered many. But he died of natural causes, around the next line of ancestors, who kept record of where they buried him, hoping they could find a way to revive him. They buried his body in a secret place and put together a memory of him. When the next line of kin died they handed them down to the next, then the next, and the next until eventually they were handed to me... I dont know why they are so important, but it seems that Necro wants them, and i cant let him have them."

"Can we see them now?" Jenny asked sweetly, giving me that innocent look where you cant help but give in

I sighed, "Alright, but only once, you better have a good memory"

We walked downstairs and into the lab. Went past the test tubes and cages of experiments up to a sheilded box. I typed in a passcode that box rid of the shield.

"This is it..." I whispered, lifting the box up. Me and Jenny walked over to a table and set it down, and started to explore my ancestors past...

The End

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