Part 3

Powers Part III - ISOTOPE

'"NO RIGHT, NO RIGHTS, STOP THE SUPERS AND THEIR FIGHTS!' is just one of many chants being screamed around the world as many humans protest against the rights to use these so-called powers and attack the liberties of this Nations civilians. There have been major reports from all over the world now for nearly half a year of mass-murders and destruction that has allegedly cost the Government billions to fix and yet they continue to do nothing about it. Many citizens are now starting to believe that our President has a gun to his head, if he is unable to act, maybe it's time for a new leader of our nation to take us out of these troubling times. There are those Super-Humans who delude themselves into believing they are doing good, yet one viewer claims they "are as human as they are super and that they need to be kept away from the general public to protect them," however, I leave the judgement to you... this is Pepe Tom for Oceanus Six o'clock news."

I switched off the TV.

"Oh babe, I was watching that," I grumbled and pulled off the covers. I couldn't remember the name of this one so I wasn't gonna try. She grabbed hold of my wrist and pulled me back onto the bed. Was it Ellie? She stuck her mouth on mine before I could think and I almost choked. She kissed more like a Vicky though... "come back to bed, I'm not finished with you yet," she smirked and began to stroke my chest. It didn't really feel good, I just wasn't in the mood now.

"What would you say if I told you I was one of those Superhumans darlin'" she scoffed.

"I'd say that's ridiculous, you're too good looking to be one of those freaks," her hands moved to my stomach, she began to kiss it.

"You don't think that they have feelings, you think that they like being prosecuted?" I asked.

She pulled away for a moment, looking up at me, all business, "look I don't care about that... I didn't come here for a deep talk so are you finished or should I go now?" So this was the public perception. Freaks, weirdos, menaces to the society. Years I'd spent protecting them all and just as quickly, they could turn on me and all of the people that had done such good. Yet just over two months ago, there was a large explosion near the prison and several Supers had escaped. It took me days to round them all up again but not before there had been several 'incidents' and so one member of the Government, Mr Jim Simpson, had begun a violent attack on the president and the Superhumans. Stirring up this hatred, the public was quick to point fingers and media-propelled, the witch-hunt on Supers had begun.

I stared down at the girl in front of me. She was small, frail and wrapped up in my bed-sheets. How could I loathe someone like that, somebody who was simply caught up in Political warfare, who was using us as scapegoats when really all they wanted was to gain Office.

I sighed. After it had started, I'd been quick to give up on my regular duties. Now I was starting to regret it.

"I think you should go," I muttered. She went rigid, then with a frown on her face she eyed me up, "are you a freak?" she asked, so very subtly. Well I couldn't let her no I was Supernova, that wouldn't be doing my duty at all.

"Course not," I laughed, a bravado that matched in no way my sinking feeling of depression, "come here darlin' no Super could do this," I kissed her with a passion that just wasn't mine and she clutched my hair. She may have said some silly words like "I love you" or something but I wasn't listening. I was too preoccupied with how pathetic I felt to notice what was going on. I needed a drink.

The End

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