Coming to Pass

He coughed hard for a whole minute, his lungs seemed to be ripping themselves apart.

"I did as you asked, that is one more piece of your puzzle completed..."

"It was a long, hard effort... it needed to be, and you pulled it off beautifully."

"Everything has been laid out for the future. I spent years coming up with the plans to make the building yet they never worked, meanwhile as you asked, I initiated a strong bond with the boys to ensure that they would trust and believe in me. I tried to save them that night even though they believed I was sent to capture them. I have aided them ever since and Matt has always had such unwavering faith in me for it. Then when Phases builder came, I used him to design my tower. I finally had it completed, hand built in five years. And now... now Phase has saved them and Matt begins to truly learn the error of his ways, and Tom comes closer to overcoming his biggest challenge. That is what you ordered master and so it is coming to pass."

There was silence until the old man began to groan in pain. He wheezed loudly as the vision finished.

"What is it?" he asked eagerly.

"My time is coming... Shade, I would like you to meet my replacement," he seemed older when he said this, as if the hands of death where fast clutching at his heels, "he calls himself, Damien Powell."

Another man stepped forward. He had the appearance of an unavoidable bloodhound. He had hooded brown eyes that gleamed with cunning and intelligence. His luxurious, straight, gold hair was worn in a style that would remind you of a complex device and he had a slight moustache and a strong build. His skin was light-colored and seemed to gleam as if he were an angel in the light of the dying fires.

"Nice to meet you, though I prefer Obsidian Thought," he smiled.

The End

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