Matt: Acceptance

"Why are you doing this!" I shouted in the aliens face.

"BASCHK!" it hissed and spat in my face. I was about to his it when Fluke grabbed my hand.

"Let me..." he advised and I lowered my arm, "briak na shini na dat," he muttered.

The alien was silent for a moment, then replied.

"He says that his Command wanted to move the city from our Universe to the Nether World as they call it so that Bio-Tech, their major opposition, would be gone and they could invade their planet to harvest minerals (I had been investigating the ship to see what was goin on) but things went wrong, luckily for me, the fleet also got teleported into this realm and so decided they would try and invade the city to use it as a rest stop before their machine could recover and take them back. They wanted to use Bio-Techs technology to do that.

"Myself, I managed to get down to the city by hijacking an enemy ship, I'm relieved that I managed to find a translator to understand all of their language otherwise I would have been trapped and helpless."

"What did you do?" I asked, "sleep with Lady Luck?" he laughed at this and shrugged it off. I left the building, the roof had blown up and collapsed on top of the second floor, holes in the ceiling had allowed piles of plaster to build up in mounds. The aliens was tied up with some strange, shimmering rope that Fluke had been carrying. The streets were decrepid, houses spewing their innards onto the pot-hole-ridden road. Street lamps were bent out of shape. at the end of this road was that tall domed building.

In the distance, more aliens were closing in on our position. They had broken our formation and were persisting to kill us even as the Dimension Stalkers ripped at their own fleet.

From the other side now, Dimension Stalkers came rapidly closer. It was a vice.

I could see Rob in the air. Glowing brilliantly as he destroyed a jet with a bolt of lightning, then sent another two careering into the enemy street. There was little I could do against such large numbers with another civilian so close to me. I had voiced my concern but he had shrugged it off, saying he would find a way to keep safe. I didn't want to chance it however. There was only so much luck one man could have.

The Dimension Stalkers closed in on us, Rob had disappeared and the aliens were firing at me. I dived backwards into the room. There was only once choice. I grabbed the Alien and left the house.

I pointed at the Aliens to stop and they seemed to understand. Firing at me would kill one of their own.

Meanwhile, I concentrated my energy, allowing it to fill me. I pushed all of the remaining power I had left into this attack. My form glowed gold and then... with a pulse, the enegy left me in a Nova as strong as any star could release. The Alien pretty much disintergrated. They shot bullets at me but their radiation-based weapons only seemed to power the attack up. Soon the wave struck the front line and destroyed them all. The next line went flying into the air. The next few lines flew backwards and the last few lines fell down. Some of the Dimension stalkers had been destroyed, but most were still careering forwards. They were only a few dozen metres from me as my energy left me. I collapsed to my knees in exhaustion. I turned to see Fluke on the floor. He looked utterly still.

The raging cloud of beasts came ever closer. My end was coming for me shades of purple.

I closed my eyes and felt an incredibly peace come upon me.

A few minutes passed by and nothing happened. It was ten minutes and I was sure that I should be nothing but a skeleton by now. There was a faint light seeping through my lids. Was I in heaven, where they that quick.

I opened my eyes.

Everything was gone, there was nothing but desolate wasteland around me surrounded by hills. In the very distance I could see a bustling road. There were a few people walking around, some were on the floor.

Meanwhile the sun was creeping from behind the horizon, burning the blue sky a variety of pastel colours.

I felt a momentary shock and relief.

The End

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