Rob: Leaving Home

Man that was weird. I tried to enter the Phase Dimension... time slowed down but I knew that everyone could still see me. And then I tried to use the power. I could see part of the haze move towards me, then it entered me. And so I pushed it back out as a fork of lightning that annhialated on of the tanks. It was then that I realised just how much of a conductor I was for the phase dimension. So much power, and I realised how I could make it right. So I quickly made my way to the tower.

I could see the lad going red in teh face trying to work the control panel out. I bet i was infuriating for him, not knowing something that he had no possible way of learning in the next second. As everyones life depended on what he did in the next few seconds. I was about to ease that burden onto myself.

"I have an idea," just as he was about to press another button. It was the self-destruct button, but I couldn't let him die.

"I'm all ears," he breathed an audible sigh of relief yet there was a hint of sarcasm towards me.

"Good, so you may know me as Phase, the thief, I've changed now, I work with your brother-"

"-so did Swarm," he muttered bitterly.

"Yes well, I've had a... change of heart since those day," I couldn't stand here arguing with him, "people are dying," I reminded him, and he immediately went silent, "now... I know how to shut down the portal, I can read the writing, but there will still be all the stalkers here, so I will have achieved nothing, therefore, I need to draw them back. To do that I will have to draw all this phase energy to me and travel to the alternate Universe. They will follow me, because they rely on this energy to live. They will all travel together because then they are more powerful, as they all begin to fade, I need you to follow this exact sequence as quickly as possible so that they do not enter the alternate Universe..." I pause for a moment as the risk entered my mind again, "now, I may not be able to come back, I may not be able to even do it, I have little experience in what I am about to do."

"-I will help you brother," another voice said. I turned round to see my little bro, "I will teleport this whole city and its inhabitants into the dimension that you go," he walked over to me, his crutches tapping faintly.

"Are you sure Emery, the strain could kill you and... how would you if you have no connection to this place?" I suddenly wondered, vaguely suspicous.

"I quickly travelled through the town, getting a feel for it... hurry now, I know you will not be able to do it alone. I will follow the empathy line between this place and it's home and take you with me," I put my arm around him as he began to glow white.

"Red, white, yellow, white," I called and disappeared.

I could hear him screaming as he once more tore through the dimension. I wondered why he was doin this, he had never been so selfless as this. Almost forgetting, I concentrated really hard to draw every last particle of chaotic energy towards me. I felt myself glow, my eyes burned purple and my form seemed to grow as a Titan of old. Slowly we left this Universe and entered the next.

I looked around me. There was nothing but desolate wasteland surrounded by barren hills and in the distance, roads that bustled with activity, only to stop in shock and horror. Everything in the city was destroyed.

My brother gasped a little, my worry was piqued, but he seemed ok.

"Ok, I did it," he breathed, "and now that you are out of the way... the voice of reason, the opposition to my leaders future plan, will no longer be of any use," he smiled evilly and his form shimmered white.

"NO!" before I could grab hold of him, he disappeared, "DAMN YOU!" I screamed. I entered the Phase dimension, but I couldn't cross to the other Universe. I just didn't know how.

I sat down, defeated, "Damn you brother."

The End

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