Tom: Not Making Sense

The bullets flew in the air. I sliced them before they could harm me. At one point I deflected two bullets with my blade into another guy behind me. There energy was easy to slice with my enhanced blades, like cutting butter. Soon however the rate of fire increased as they were beginning to get pushed back.

One of their hover tanks pushed its way forward. It blasted a heavy energy cannon at the tower. I leapt into the air and on top. With two slices, I slit the barrel in two, then before it could fire again, I poked my swords into it. I felt them vibrate, then the barrel began to glow. I jumped back into the tower before the blast could kill me and the tank blew up. There was nobody near me now.

In the distance, the police made a charge, there glowing batons lighting the now dark sky. Up ahead the automated planes were beating the aliens back. However, the mothership opened up and several, highly advanced triangular ships appeared. They tore a hole in the ally formation and began bombarding the city. Several of the police members were blasted into the air. It didn't look good.

That was when there was an unhealthy shimmer in the air. The portal remained open and the haze that had filled the city glowed. Something seemed to be appearing out from it.

It was a giant mass, a looming shadow that terrified me. Pretty soon the shadow became more prominent, gaining solidity and colour, until we were faced with a writhing mess of strange, wolf-like monsters, large spokes poking out like bare wing bones over their heads. They seemed to float, then hit the floor and like giant swarming rats, tore through the city. They ripped at building and the enemy as they made their way closer to us.

Aliens that got in their way were leapt upon and brutally massacred till there was virtually nothing left. Not only this, but the city looked unhealthy too. Where the haze touched, the land around it seemed warped, almost as if it were disintergrating. Cars were moving of their own volition. It seemed that this portal was sucking in the land. I sighed and got back to work.

I cursed, wishing Whizzkid was here, knowing he could sort this out in a heart beat, but the control panel I'd found at the lower levels, where the energy was ascending from it's mechanism, made no sense to me at all.

I'd pressed some buttons, carefully selecting the ones that didnt look dangerous but had suceeded in little. It was all in Japanese, and I didn't know any.

The whole thing however appeared to be making sense to me. The creatures I had seen before, what Phase had called the Dimension Stalkers, creatures born from pure chaotic energy that fed on any material that entered the phase dimension (the thin veil that linked alternate universes together) however, the portal seemed to have linked these two particular Universes together for some reason, now that the veil had been torn open, the universes were colliding and merging and the phase dimension sucking all debris inside. What didn't make sense was why this had been done.

I peered out of the window, the creatures were quickly entering the square where I knew most of my friends would be.

I stared once more at the panel. There was a large red button. I swallowed.

I pressed it.

The whole tower's lights turned red and a piercing, shrill whistle emanted from nowhere. The pain in my eardrums was unbearable, my eyes rolling into mu sockets. With some difficulty I pressed the button again and it stopped.

"Whew," I was about to press another button when there was a shimmer or purple beside me.

"I have an idea..." the voice said.

The End

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