Matt: Fluke Fighting Back

Through the slaughter and the fire, the city itself seemed to resonate and hum. A network of lights began to shine, concentrating on a single point in the city. A huge, domed building surrounded by spires, the words Bio-Tech written in gold on the side.

The lights ran up the spires, then the energy joined at the centre, right above the pinnacle of the dome. Suddenly the energy gave out a big burst of light and a beam of light shot up at one of the ships. The ship seemed to expand violently, glowing red hot... then in a second it exploded.

The main gun of the enemy pointed away from us and at Bio-Tech. The gun fired it's heavily charged weapon, but Bio-Tech seemed to absorb the offence and fired back, twice the power. The enemies main cannon was fried.

The police rallied, though surrounded by enemy forces, They pointed their guns at the most strategic positions, firing energy bolts at the advancing soldiers. It seemed Bio-Tech ran on for many miles and various building around it opened their roofs. Several large cone shot up in midair, then their tops erupted out like umbrellas and they stayed motionless for a moment. Then they reconfigured themselves into some sort of jets. The jets joined the dogfight and fought the invading ships with great skill, the American jets rallied and drew hope from this, renewing their fighting. Several more vehicles appeared from these buildings and met the enemy vehicles which were now carving new roads out of the city.

All the while I looked back to see that everybody was concious.

Shift looked at me, "what are we waiting for?" he asked, "let's join the party!" he shouted, as if it was the obvious thing to do.

Shift transformed into a bird and flew for the point were the police were now being helf. They had pulled out some form of energy riot shield to protect themselves. Hunter, Vixen and the girl all leapt onto the nearest building and scaled them to join the fray, the girl speeding ahead. There was just Tom, Rob and me left in the tower.

"I can't believe this is happening," Tom gasped, there was an immense sadness in his eyes.

"He's right of course, we have to help," Rob nodded, but Tom shook his head, "you mean you're going to leave them?" I cried in outrage.

"No, I'm gonna check this building out, there must be a console somewhere that can reverse the effect," he looked at me, worried, "watch out big bro, and keep in touch," I smiled and he smiled too.

"Don't worry about me," I held out my hands and suddenly, my lower half and hands began to glow gold. I leapt up into the sky and flew to join the rest. Rob was just behind, his outline shimmering purple.

I rocketed ahead, leaving a star-like trail behind me. I could feel the radiation flowing through my veins. I charged up my hand and then pointed them at a group of soldiers beneath me with those glowing poles. I shot a bolt of energy at them and the area exploded. I smiled, happy to be my old , carefree self again.

I joined the inner circle of police. I couldn't see the others, they must have gotten sidetracked. But then right in front of me appeared a guy in a strange costume.

"Just my luck that there should be other people with abilities here," he smiled, his southern accent thick and gruff. He was a tall guy, he wore some sort of tightfitting battle clothes, a no nonsense style of clothing without any sleeves or loose cuffs or hems. It was red with streaks of gold bands. The mask he wore covered most of his face except the eyes. He wore a long reddish-brown trench coat, "I'm Fluke, the Champion of Heliopolis, welcome to the warzone," the material around his lips twitched up in a smile. It was a ridiculous costume, but I suppose we needed all the help we could get, "just to get it outta the way," he continued, "what the hell kinda costume is that?" he snorted, "it aint even a costume!" I was about to retort when he suddenly turned round, "oh crap."

The police were having ahard time of it as the aliens pushed forward.

Fluke ran ahead of them, every bullet the enemy shot, he seemed to dodge. He leapt into the sky performing a summersault and landed in the middle of the enemy. He erupted a wave of heat that sent most of them flying, the few that had been safe got out and shot. Again they seemed to just miss him each time. He kicked one guy into a lamp post then span himself in a twisting way, sending two more guys to the ground before grabbing another gut and throwing him into the energy that lay in the centre of the poles. The energygun shuddered and exploded in rays of blue light. Most of the remaining soldiers were obliterated, but the explosion caused a car to move in front of Fluke, this took the energy and flew into the air, milimetres above his head.

"Now that was lucky," I muttered. Ridiculous costume, hotheaded and far to careless. But man he was a great fighter.

The End

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