Shift: Nurithians

I woke up with a jump, the last thing i remembered was seeing part of the sign land on my head. Now I'm here, in this tower. I saw an open door, and Matt on the balcony, so i made my way toward him. There was a city, that i have never seen before, then i looked up, and saw a fleet of ships. Also that i had never seen before.

As i got outside i saw some sort of fleet of alien battleships. They looked like gold and they had foreign markings on the sides. They were getting out their guns, there was multiple guns, some bigger than others. Then, the markings on the side started to glow a bright red color, and the gun shot a beam of some sort scorching a huge black path in the middle of this city.

Doors opened along the side of the ship and more smaller ships came pouring out. They began shooting all the smaller buildings that weren't in the big ones path.

It was soon after the first big shot that you could see that the army was making a move. Tanks, helicopters and battle jets were making their way toward this alien fleet.

Quite big ships came out of the main ship, they started to land on the floor and then these vehicles came out. The obvious one was a tank, it had two huge cannons and it didn't have treads, it just hovered. One of the other seemed to be in the shape of a H and it had boosters on both ends. It then dropped to the ground, and the middle dropped down. Lots of human looking things came out, in a formation I had never seen before.

Their weapons looked strange too, you could tell they weren't from earth, where are they from? The tanks started opening fire, the explosions were immense, taking chunks of buildings out quickly.

The H shaped troop carriers starting deploying guns, and the aliens starting getting on them. They weren't in the city yet, but they looked like nothing was going to stop them.

Up front of the infantry formation was the heavy machine gunners, they moved slowly but when they came into enemy contact they got onto their knees and opened fire. Behind them were the assault riflemen, they were just simple more accurate back up for the machine gunners. Behind them seemed to be what looked like rocket launchers, or along those lines. Then you got the odd sniper going through buildings for a good vantage point.

They were still dropping more troops, and the huge beam gun fired again, decimating a good part of the city.

The police engaged the enemy, and they returned fire, they dropped fairly quickly because of the snipers.

The heavy machine guns started firing and thats when the human army dropped like flies.

I would of helped them, but there seems to be too many, even for me.

They were soon deep into the city, slaughtering the population. The fight in the air, wa going even worse than the fight on the ground.

The alien ships were pretty advanced, they were faster than the humans and they packed more of a punch. The human ships kept being reinforced by more and more, but they were just not winning.

Back on the ground, the next wave of the alien army dropped down, this time, they focused more on the tanks this time.

Then they brought out this wierd looking tank, it had two energy poles, and a little cannon in the middle. You could see the energy going between the poles.

It started to charge up, the markings on the tank started to get brighter and brighter, then it fired. The beam went straight through evey building there was in sight, it stopped fairly near the edge of the city.

There was fire everywhere and it looked like things were pretty grim. The main ship had its attention on the tower we were in...

The End

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