Matt: Heliopolis

I don't know when it happened, a slow transition into wakefulness. But when I opened my eyes, I had no idea where we were. We where, however, on a platform with a glass floor and a hole in the centre,. Along the walls were long neon strips that ran into the distance up and down yet the distance was so vast that I could not see the floor or ceiling of the building. I realised we must have been in the tower.

There were many of us in here. Both Rob and I sat next to each other, however his seat was linked up to some sort of mechanism that ticked slowly. Then around the perimeter of the circle sat more people, some I did not know. There was a girl, Vixen (this sent a jolt in my heart) Hunter, Tom, the man that had nearly destroyed Oceanus and Shade, who got up at my glance. They were all still unconcious.

"Ah, I'm glad you've joined me... I hoped you would be the first of them to wake up," he walked over to me, "Matt, you may not understand why I am doing this now, but you will do eventually... a long time from now," I didn't say anything, so he continued, "you have always disliked my view on life and justice, how I stand for the greater good, how I don't dwell on the past... but see, my master has glimpsed the future, he knows what is to come and how to get there. Every act, of the smallest degree, sets up certain events that all flutter by until the join and together make a crescendo.

"Right now, agents of the guild move swiftly, prodding and poking humanity... herding them like cattle. See, this act is big in comparison, but it is still tiny compared to what the future holds for you. You are important see, Matt, but you currently lack the ability to progress. You lack the ability to see the bigger picture and see what others see. You have no empathy and no view besides your own clouded one. This will eventually help you see the error in your ways, to lose your inner darkness and to rise. Firstly, to ensure this, I have brought a friend with me to return you to your former self. The person you were before you met Swarm. The person that this girl fell in love with and was a prominent beacon for the future."

From the shadows, a man walked in. Part of me stirred, I had seen this person before but I couldn't figure out when. He placed his hand on my head and a blinding pain shot through me. At the same time I had flashbacks. My childhood; how Syphon had reduced my power to a controllable level; glimpses of my time in the Government facility; when I first decided to become a vigilante; when I met Gunslinger; when my powers changed because of this man here.

He released his grip and my head fell forward. I could not move it, I was numb all over. My muscles tensed, they charged up, the nerves firing to each other, filling me with an energy.

"When you met Gunslinger, he did things that made your what you had to do harder, I on the other hand will grant you gifts to make this easier," and so saying, he set two stand either side of me. He switched them on and they glowed blue, like ultra-violet lights. I felt the muscles tense and cramp up, then slowly they relaxed, but the nerves became more erratic and braced. I felt empowered.

"What... how?"

"My friend here twisted your powers, see, everyone dhas two possible powers at birth, whether their parents contain power or not, they have the potential. And so, a Superhuman is born with their mothers and fathers powers. This creates your power and so, if the balance of this power is tipped, the power changes.

"This man has returned the balance to it's original position, and now you are back to your good old self, ready to face what I have in store."

"What do you have in store?"

He smiled, then as if on cue, Rob woke up, "thankyou for joining us Robert Walker, feel free to try and use your power on me but it wont work... what you do not believe me? you think your power is so vast as to negate my contraption?" Tob growled at him, his eyes glowed a sort of purple.

Suddenly his whole form shimmered for a moment, then the mechanism glimmered and hummed. He stopped, defeated. The mechanism seemed to come to life, the neon strips changed from red to green. There was an eerie whine, then silence. Sections of the wall seemed to shift, rotation like multiple cogs stacked up on each others, moving in different directions so that I was almost sick.

I looked below me. Deep down appeared a light. It seemed to grow longer, rising higher and higher. It reached us and it seemed to be a beam of purple energy. It shot up through the whole and into the ceiling, striking it. It did not go through, instead it dispersed and the purple light spread down the walls.

"I have spent over fourteen years building this!" Shade called, shouting over the roaring of the energy, "now my plan has come to fruition!"

The whole building now glistened with purple light. Shade pressed a button and the restraints undid themselves on our chairs. I was about to get up to lay my hands on him when he disappeared in the shadow. His friend was gone too.

A door opened at one side. Slightly confused, having not realised that before, I moved towards it. There was a small balcony, a vantage point. And all around us, there was a haze of purple light. The silhouette of some strange city appeared, getting more and more pronounced every second until finally, a vast beautiful metropolis appeared. Despite the slight haze, the light sparkled off the sleek, glass, modern building. There were lush green parks and a river and lakes. Most prominent were the grand columns that seemed to be favoured here as well as pyramid-shaped buildings. It was as brilliant as Oceanus could have been.

But then in the sky, there appeared a battalion of the strangest alien ships.

"Oh crap," I sighed.

The End

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