Tom: Fate II

Sure there was a little de ja vu... zombies running amock in a hotel, though admittedly, the rooms (despite being trashed) were much better here. It took about fifteen minuted. I was in the room below Shift, Bree and I were sharing a twin bed room to save money. We had begun to talk, when there was a commotion.

The banging was loud, there were muffled voices. Who else was up there? But before I could say anything, Bree stiffened. I turned and coming towards us were the zombies. They looked like normal beings, though each seemed injured in some fatal way. They came at us quickly, quicker than the others, with a sort of semi intelligence in them rather than the primal emptiness of before.

Brees hands changed into blades, in moment she was zipping around them, slicing them into bits. I took out my own katanas and fought. But more and more came, like the whole population of the city till I couldn't move it was so packed. Yet rather than fight us, they seemed to be holding us... but why?

Suddenly there was a smash. I glimpsed at the window and saw a familiar figure falling. In anger I tried to move to the glass to get a better view, but I couldn't. Bree was having a hard time too, without being able to superspeed, they were overwhelming her.

In anger I hacked and slashed my way through the monsters. My arms were moving fast, very fast until they were a blur. With a speed beyond me, I cleaved a path through the zombies and reached the window. It was shift. I could see him, I focused on his. Before I could think, I punched the window and it smashed. I was surprised to see my hand wasn't bleeding at all, not even a scratch or bruise.

It was a quite a way down, I couldn't make this. But then Bree was beside me.

"Hold on tight," she smiled, as if she was divulging a secret. With that, she grabbed me and began running for the window. My stomach squirmed as I was sure we would fall to our deaths. I opened my eyes.

She was running down the side of the building. Her legs but a dash of colour.

We reached the bottom and I ran for the body. Sure enough it was Shift. I felt a slight emptiness, a faint tingling rippled down my spine. I was in shock. Surely he had survived, if a fall from an exploding escape pod didnt do it, what would?

I could hear a faint breathing, very slight but otherwise regular. I sighed with relief and looked up at the broken window. There was a figure there, looking down on us. Then it disappeared.

We were once more surrounded on all sides. I didn't hear them come, and this time they looked menacing. Clearly they were here to kill.

There was a sudden whirlwind around us, Bree was running in circles, creating a safe circle.

"Come on Shift, can you get up?"

"Ouch," he groaned, it must have been a massive shock to the system.

I tried to hoist him up, with an effort I did. We moved to the edge of the circle and it began to move with us till we were trailing through body parts. Suddenly, the circle stopped, the zombies stood still. A man stood behind us, clutching Bree by the throat.

He turned his head to us, "it's time now for me to claim my prize," he clicked a finger and the zombies ran at us. I black out then, I don't know what happened. At some point I woke up, in a strange building, but before that, I had a dream.

It was some time in the future, below me was Oceanus, I was at the top of a tower block. I looked at my hands and noticed I had different clothes on. I turned around and realised this wasnt the roof, it was a balcony and behind me was a large office, at the very top of the building. The office walls (or all except one side) were merely glass windows and I could see myself in it. My god, what was I wearing.

I took one more look at Oceanus and took a deep breath. Then I entered the office. My name was on the desk, there were hospital papers all around. Suddenly, one of the window panels lit up.

for a moment I didn't recognise the face behind the mask, "Well Sharpshooter, somebody would like to speak to you," she said, and another window panel, the one directly behind the chair lit up.

"It was a brilliant move you did son, America's proud, but there is a bigger threat that needs handling," the man I didn't recognise sighed and sat up, the camera zoomed out to reveal the window of the oval office, "Sharpshooter you've done some good work for the Government in the past, we were... most delighted when you agreed to join us. As a result we have happily given you certain priveleges and kept your identity to yourself... Now it is time for you to complete the biggest mission of your life."

All the panes lit up and several faces were staring at me. Some I recognised, some I didn't.

"I'm sorry we couldn't hold this meeting at headquarters," one particularly familiar face muttered, I was glad to hear his voice, "but you know how busy we all get," he half-smiled.

"I know I ask alot of you here, but just remember-"

This, Thomas Tempest, is your destiny.

The End

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