Shift: Fate

Upon entering Vegas, i could already see that something was wrong. The streets were empty, not only that, but so was the hotel. Ignoring the emptiness, the lights were so captivating, i could see why Vegas was such a popular destination. It is quite a sight when its at the stroke of midnight.

Our hotel was huge, and it was completely empty. You would at least expect someone behind the counter in reception but there wasn't even someone there.

Tom must've chosen a bad place, the entire hotel was trashed, blood all over the walls. Whatever happened here, it was big, and we missed it.

The streets outside were also quiet, there wasn't any cars on the roads, but there wasn't anybody at all. Something really messed up has happened.

We decided to go get our own rooms, and because I was selfish, i went to the top, to the penthouse.

The place up there was trashed, but there wasn't any really bad damage. The windows were intact, all of them. There was just a lot of mess on the floor. I just opened a window and threw all that i could fit out down there. The rest I just put outside the doors into some form of barricade. Hopefully, if the zombies are anything like they are in the movies, they wont have the intelligence to climb over it.

I closed the door, happy to be finally done with all the housework. When i turned round, i noticed someone. Him...

"How nice of you to visit me... Frank" said Terrence
"You again, what do you want" I scowled
"Oh, nothing, just thought id check out your new place, not very bad. I'm sure my 'friends' would love to be here now"

Shortly zombies started to walk in, they weren't stumbling around like they normally do. Not only that, but they weren't all rotten like the others either.

"What a nice place you have here Frank" said one of the zombies

I was shocked to see that the zombies could speak, what was Terrence even doing all these years.

Shortly afterward, lots of zombies poured in through the door, and surrounded me and Terrence.

"Well Frank, looks like its the end of the line for you isn't it?" Terrence laughed
"I'm not scared of you..." I hid my fear, i actually thought that he was going to win this time.

He shifted his hands into blades, and i did the same.

We charged at each other, he went straight for the head, i ducked under and shoulder tackled him in the stomach. It winded him for a slight second but he recovered to quick before i could take advantage. He switched a blade into a hand and in that split second he grabbed me by the neck.

He threw me through one of the columns in the room, the zombies all gathered round, still in the perfect circle they were in before but so that i had room.

"You see Frank, you have something, that i want" Terrence said "And its only obtainable, if i kill you. It is of great importance, I'm sure you understand"

He tried to stab me, but i rolled out of the way and got back up again.

"Why must you fight back when you know you time is now?" Terrence snapped "You cannot avoid fate!"

I was practically breathing my last breathes, i knew i couldnt defeat Terrence at night, and its too close to midnight for me to wait for the sun to rise.

He kicked me in the stomach and threw me into the center of the room.

He went to stab me again, but i blocked with my blade. I stumbled as i tried to get back up, but i slowly managed to.

He put his blades away and started punching my face, after a series of punches he kneed me in the stomach and then uppercutted me. I went slightly into the air and then he punched me directly in the stomach sending me to the window, putting me straight through it.

On the way down i hit the hotels name sign, snapping it and sending one of the letters down. The lights on the sign all went off and it slightly started coming off its hinges. I hit the floor really hard and shortly afterwards i was crushed by the letter i had knocked off, and later by the rest of the sign.

My vision had begun to fade out, was this the time?

The End

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