Tom: Death Again

But before he could answer, Hurrikane appeared. He flung several blasts of air at us, pushing us back into our car. I rubbed my head in pain.

Falcon leapt from Shift's grip and flew for him. He caught the fleeting figure in the side, the mans blood vanishing into thin air. In anger Hurrikane punched him. Tom found this rather strange, an insubstantial being punching a person... the Falcon was momentarily stunned, before being hurled to the ground. Annoyed, he scrambled to his feet and pushed upwards, spearpoint first. As the two fought I ran over to Shift.

"Come on let's go... what are you waiting for?" Shift eyed me with doubt on his face, a pain.

"I cannot leave them to die, I can't have more blood on my hands... I can save them," he didn't make any sense, there was nobody in trouble, "it's the family in there," he poited to the elderly couple and the man who cowered in fear.

"There is nothing you can do to help them, Falcon is taking care of it anyway, now come on," I tried to move him but he wasn't having it.

"If I join him I can save them-"

"If you join him you'll be killing people, do you want that kind of blood on your hands?" he noticed the exasperation in my voice, "come on!" I cried in desperation. The fight was intense and things were getting destroyed. Reluctantly he followed me into the car as the two plummeted through the roof of the house. Shift physically winced.

But pretty soon, glass smashed, there were ominous bangs and planks of wood fell into the garden.

"Bree-!" I pleaded as Shift began to get up.

"Already on it," she disappeared, then reappeared in seconds with the mother... then the son... then as she went to get the father, the whole house collapsed.

"BREE!" I called, for an instant there was nothing. Then the pile of wood erupted, sending a cacophony of material like shrapnel into the air. Hurrikane rose into the air, glee on his face, as he headed for a plane. Seconds later Warrior Falcon leapt after him, his spear in his hand and his wings working overtime. I moved to wreckage. I didn't realise until I heard the crying that the old man was probably dead too. Behind me, running, was the old woman and the youth.

There was a faint stirring just ahead. I clambered towards it, pulling planks and plaster out of the way. It was Bree, critically injured, and next to her, looking into the sky, was the old man. He did not blink, or shut his eyes at the glaring sun.

I sighed heavily and lifted Bree from the wreckage. For a moment she stirred, her eyes fluttered open and I smiled at her reassuringly, then she fell unconcious again.


We were on our way to Las Vegas. I could see the light in the distance. Shift had spent time with the family, comforting the widow. The son was thoroughly pissed, I didn't know what he was, maybe a poltician as he made several calls, some alarming such as... "we should lock them all up". He refused to talk to Shift, at first I thought maybe it was because he blamed him for this happening. Then I realised he was avoiding all of us. I didn't like where it had been heading, eventually he kicked off and insulted "you kind" before storming into his dads ward. I also had received a text, on the way, from Detonate. It contained only two heartbreaking words:

She's gone

I was filled with a deep pain. When my brother and I had stayed there, Deflector had been like a sister to us. Memories had flooded into my mind of the past times we'd spent together, and worry that this might really affect Detonate.

I pulled up at the first hotel I found in Las Vegas.

To say, it didn't seem quite right, would have been an understatement.

The End

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