Shift: Surrender

"Oh dear..." I murmured

Mary was screaming, Bill was trying to comfort her, and Jim was cowering under the table.

They were about to die, and it was my fault...

"Wait!" I shouted. The winds stopped, and the man reappeared. "If I join you... You will let these people live?"

"You have my word" Hurrikane chuckled.

"Well then... I guess I'll join you"

"Excellent..." his face changed emotion, he looked very sinister. "Well then, there will be a... nuisance in the form of a group of birds coming this way, they will try their best to stop me. I want you to intercept, destroy them if you have to!"

I nodded, and he disappeared. The winds had stopped, and the Simpson's were safe.

I turned to wards them. "I'm so sorry about this" I said, sadness on my face "The damage could be easily repaired, I could give you the money to, its the most I could do to repay you"

I left the house in a hurry, looking at the skies. I could see black dots that gradually got bigger and bigger. Then I eventually saw birds, like Hurrikane said there would be.

I knocked down a few trees, and picked them up. Eventually, one of them landed by me, the important looking one just flew right past.

I waited for the right time, then I smacked the bird man that landed in front of me. A few of the others saw, and flew back after me. I shifted my hands into swords and braced myself. They used spears, beyond the reach of my swords, but they weren't the best fighters and came closer than they needed to.

They put up a good fight, but there was no move I didn't parry. I cut one of their spears in half and stabbed one in the stomach. Another one went to stab me, I jumped over the dead one and used him as a shield. The spear got stuck inside him and I threw him away. Leaving the other one unarmed. I tripped him to the floor and stabbed him in the face.

The others jumped into the air and started to circle me. The important looking one landed in front of me.

"Why must you cause such a disturbance?" he said, in a calm voice. "Are you Hurrikane's new ally?"

"However did you guess?" I replied scornfully

"Well, lets see how you fare against one who could actually give you a fight"

He lunged at me and I dodged out of the way, going to stab him. He dodged that and swung his spear for my neck. I ducked under it and rugby tackled him onto the ground. I turned my fists into stone and started punching him in the face. He kicked me off, and his spear started glowing white. He slashed it at me, I jumped backward but he cut my chest. He actually hurt me, making him a super powered person.

"Hmm, powers huh?" I said "Look like I may have to take you seriously"

I lunged forward with my arms as swords again. I slashed really fast and he couldn't keep up, eventually I caught his shoulder and he dropped his spear. I kicked him to the floor and stood on his chest my blade to his throat.

"Go ahead, kill me" he said fearlessly

"Shift, what are you doing!" I heard someone shout, I turn around to see a hummer and Tom and the rest getting out of it.

The End

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