Tom: Finding Shift

"Welcome to Illinois," I said. The car rumbled through West County Road route 74, the sky was dark with heavy rain clouds but it was early morning.

As we passed the stateline, I could see what looked like big birds in the distance, but their wings weren't moving, more gliding. They flitted about as if looking for something, then moved along and searched again.

I saw one above the rest, it seemed to be guiding them along. Suddenly cars began flying off the road. A strong wind blasted the cars accross the motorway and onto the fields. We nearly crashed into a cascading car. I jerked the car to the side and stopped. We got out and looked around. There was nothing. Then came a large gust of wind that centred around a particular point, forming into a person with white robes, wavy blonde hair and piercing grey eyes. The could barely make out the face and the robes seemed to fade into the billowing winds.

"Hullo, and who are you that disturb my borders?" he smiled mischievously at us.

"These are your borders?" I asked, "I thought this was a free country-"

"-No see now, you come into my State you must pay the price, see..." he seemed breathless which was kind of ironic, he laughed nervously, "see now you're just not... getting it," his smile dropped and he glared at me, "Illinois belongs TO ME!"

He screamed and several gusts of wind pushed the cars and sent us all flying.

"Hurrikane, this is your final warning," a deep voice rang through the skies, "turn yourself in or suffer the consequences!" Suddenly, a man wearing brass armour and a beaked helmet landed between us, large falcon wings sprouting from his back.

"Hahahaaaaa, fool, you suffer from the delusion that you control your precious little state... THERE IS NO CONTROL!" he spoke through the roaring winds as if his voice and the gales were one, the man flew through them and a staff appeared in his hand, the tip glowing white. He went to stab him but the Hurrkane seemed to disperse and reappear elsewhere, "you cannot capture the wind with your hand and nor can you capture me, you want order but it does not exist," Hurrikane let out a shrill laugh like the tinkle of wind chimes, "and when my new ally joins me, you will DIE!"

Suddenly the winds died down and he disappeared.

I heard a sigh, then the man turned to us.

"I am Warrior Falcon, leader of the Falcon Flock," he explained.

"I'm Sharpshooter, this is Hunter, Vixen and Bree, we are looking for our friend, Shift , have you heard anything?" I didn't expect much but hey, if these guys could comb the skies they might help us.

"I'm sorry, I don't now about your friend, but I did see a flash in the sky, then something fell into Lake Pointe-"

"We know that, but we don't know where the person that fell is now," he unnerved me, he seemed to harness a deep wrath but seemed polite.

"I didn't have time to check it out but I'll do what I can to help you... after I find Hurrikane."

"Who is he?" I asked.

"A loony, his power messed up his head, I suppose when you live most of your life not quite all there, your mind becomes like that too, but he has a thing for destruction, he is somewhat of a psychopath and he needs to be caught," he gestured around himself to all the upturned cars, "Once this threat is neutralised, we will help you," In the distance, the clouds seemed to circle around one spot, forming into a tornado, "well looks like he's found his next target," Warrior Falcon leapt into the sky and flew off, several of his Falcons coming to join him.

"Come on!" I urged and ran to the Hummer, "let's help him."

The End

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