Shift: The Simpsons

I could smell bread and... fresh wildflowers, the occasional twittering two birds just outside.

But there was a pressure in the back of my head. At first it was dull, like I was lying on a brick, then slowly, as I concentrated on it, it grew into a pain that got sharper. It was really quite annoying.

I opened my eyes, they felt heavy and stung a little as pale morning light shone through the window.

Where was I?

I tried to sit up, to take a look around the room, but then there was a pain in my back, that made me lie back down quickly.

"Hello?" i shouted through a dry throat, that made my voice croaky. There was a glass of water on the side table. I drank it straight away, which didn't improve anything. A woman came in, with a nice smile. Long blond hair that was graying and she had blue eyes. She carried a tray, and set it down next to the empty glass.

"Wakey wakey, rise and shine" she said gently

"Where am i?" i ask, trying to sound polite.

"Springfield, Illinois"

"Will i see the Simpson's?"

"No..." she chortled

"How did i get here?"

"My husband, Bill, and i were out by lake Pointe when there was a flash in the sky, then something fell into the lake, which burned up all the water. Bill went to have a look, he said he had found a man with bat wings... He knew you were one of those super-thingies. I didn't trust the hospital so we brought you here" She pushed the tray towards me, "now you must be starved, here eat and get some sleep and we will have some tea tonight, if your up for it"

"Yeah... sure" With that she walked out of the room. I realized i was famished and ate the cookies. Eventually i fell to sleep and woke up later that day. I got up, washed my face and went downstairs to find Bill and a younger looking man sitting at a table.

Bill had short brown hair, a mustache but no beard. His eyes where a dark brown color. He looked quite strong. Whereas the other boy, didn't look strong at all, with short blond hair and blue eyes with a clean face.

 The woman held two plates of steaming vegetables and chicken, and set them down. She saw me at the doorway.

"Oh, your up. Come sit down and ill bring out some dinner" I sat at the table, opposite from Bill, i felt a little awkward, as he stared me down, then his face lit up with a smile. He got up and shook my hand.

"Bill Simpson, my wifes called Mary, and this here is my son Jim" said Bill

"Frank Normand, pleasure to meet you, Mr.Simpson" I shook his hand, smiling.

After that, Mary came in with a plate of food, there seemed more than everyone else's. I felt special, i never had a family like this.

I waited till everyone was sat down, and started eating when they started eating.

"So Frank, where are you from?" asked Bill

"New Jersey, i lived with my parents until i was 14" I replied


"Yeah, they died when i was 14, and there was no other people i could go to. So i was left alone with a 1 year old sister"

"Is she like you too?" asked Jim

"Yes, she has power over the wind"

"And yours is... something related to animals?" asked Mary

"Kind of, i can turn into anything i want, when i want. I am also invincible to anything that isn't power related. So only other super humans can harm me"

"Invincible? Why don't you be evil with that sort of power?" Jim asked

"Well... I am the elephant robber from the news. But since then i have changed completely, I'm a new man"

We talked about lots of stuff, until eventually everyone was finished with their food.

"Well Mrs.Simpson, i would like to thank you for your kind hospitality, i will not forget you" I said, as i got up from the table.

"Its OK, you can come back when ever you want Frank" Mary replied with the smile shes had all day.

"I might just do that" i said, smiling back "Goodbye Mary, Bill, Jim" I waved as i walked out of the door.

I quickly walked back "Can i use your phone?" i asked

"Of course" replied Mary

As i made my way back in i felt a wind go past me, quite a heavy one. It knocked over a few things and eventually a man formed up in front of me. He had glowing white clothes, and i couldn't really see his face at all.

"Why hello there, Frank" He spoke "I have a proposition for you"

"Who are you?" I demanded

"I am Hurrikane, now listen... My offer is that you join me"

"And if i say no?"

"Then i will destroy this house and ill make sure noone survives"

I was shocked at this, then looked at the Simpson's. I didn't want them to die, but i didn't want to join him.

"I don't know... Do i have time to think about it?"


"I... But..." I sighed "No"

"So be it"

He instantly disappeared "Get out of here quickly!" i said to the Simpson's hastily. But before they could run out of the door, the wind slammed it shut. They started running out through the back, again, the door slammed shut, we was trapped...

The End

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