Tom: To Springfield

We watched him fall to Earth. I hoped that his power could withstand a big fall.

"So what now?" Whizzkid had disappeared but Geckoboy stood beside me. In the distance, I could hear footsteps getting closer. Several of the aliens came towards us looking very severe.

"Where is your friend?" one asked.

"He went with Whizzkid to help free him, but..." I allowed the worry to flood over my face, looking very sad and anxious, "...he's gone," I gestured towards the sparks that were now fading from the explosion.

"So why didn't you go?" one of the officials asked. What was he a detective?

"Our plan differed from his, we did not think it could work - freeing him - we believed that a decent honorable trial was the only guarantee for escape, he did this without our knowledge," I lied quickly.

"Your fate is to be determined in the halls of justice," with that he led us back into the same hall. This time it was just us, "you are aliens, you do not have the rights of ordinary civilians, thus no trial is necessary," he explained as we looked around at the now empty room. The dead body had been removed already. Now it was another man who stood on his huge podium. We stood in the centre. Our captors took their places on those wierd, floating light things that hovered around us.

"We have reviewed the case... in the short amount of time, we found that earlier, the particular pod was undergoing some sort of critical failure which we had yet to rectify. Nothing could survive such an explosion, not even a Z'york. The only matter we must attend with now is what should happen to you. We see no reason to kill you, you are of no threat to us. The only thing we can suggest, is your return to Earth," the alien said.

With that, the circle glowed. I saw Whizzkid in the corner of my sight quickly step from the shadows, but before anyone could notice, we were gone and back in his hideout.


We spent ages searching for the wreckage. Eventually we came across a smoking pile via satellite imaging. He had burnt out most of Lake Pointe in Springfield, Illinois.

"How are we going to get there?" I asked Hunter after he and Vixen had found me,  we were sat in a small coffee shop, Geckoboy had given us his number 'in case we ever needed to call on him' and had gone home, "we have no car..."

"We do, Hunter won a car, there was a fair going on... luckily it was an archery competition and he beat the other guy-"

"-the prize was a brand new Hummer," he said proudly, he jerked a finger outside where a sleek black Hummer with a freshly polished silver grill and rims was parked.

"Sweet," I whistled, "that was... lucky," I said.

So we got in the car, eventually finding Bree again and rode off to Illinois.

The End

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