Steve: And then there were six

The doors burst open and several spheres flew into the arena. They cracked and out came a swarm of tiny blue creatures. The floor shook and cracks appeared in the ice. In seconds the swarm was on us. I saw Emily backing off, me and Nadia exhanged glances, hers a hint nervous.

"Don't worry, I'll save you," I winked. She half smiled.

"You're so full of it," she turned away, still smiling.

"That's 'cos I got it," I held out my hands and blasted flames in a cone. The closest creatures poofed into ash, like moths to a flame. They were so young they couldn't think of the danger. But soon, the tremors were explained. It was a humungous beast. Easily 30 metres high, it had a cone-like head full of mismatched spines and bristles with icy blue eyes that glanced at me. It opened it's mouth revealing an array of razor sharp teeth each bigger than me. The horns on the top of it's heads pointed at me. Immediately it began running.

"Emily, how many teeth is that?"

"612, each 7.2 feet in height, 4.2 foot in width, sharped to a point of 1 nanometre..."

"Great, write that in my obituary wont you... I wanna explain why my body is so mangled!" with that I ran at it. It ducked it's head down to gore me. Before it could touch me, I leapt up and grabbed hold of the pole-like horn. I placed my hand on it's icy skin and heated the head up.

Nadia ran towards it to, then became locked with another head which tried to attack her. I was so distracted by this that I didn't see one of the creatures leap at my face. It knocked me off the head and I fell on the one that Nadia was fighting. The head who then became distracted didn't see Nadia punching it. Blood began to drip from it and soon the face looked so mashed that it couldn't move. The other heads began ripping at me. One sent a plume of ice or way.

I pushed my hands out, sending as much fire as I could. The two forces met. I heard movement beside me and turned to see Nadia running for the belly of the beast. I couldn't see her from my vantage point but suddenly the ice faltered. Then it stopped and the other heads were engulfed in my raging fire. The monster fell to the ground.

"Nadia!" I shouted, but as I began to fear, I saw her under a neck. I pulled her out from. I hid the worry, "well it looks like I did save you," she looked at me evasively.

"Oh... yeah... you saved me alright," she walked away before I could see her face.

"Please move into the next area!" a voice called from nowhere. Another door opened and we walked through. This one was much smaller.

It was another arena, in the centre stood the others. At the other end was a huge doorway.

The End

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