Bart: The Tri Trials

I was sat down in the corridor with Harold stood up looking at me.

"My ribs are practically broken and your just standing there?" I yelped
"Do i look like Tiff to you?" he snapped back
"No..." i said focusing my attention to the footsteps coming from our left "But she does!"

Never before have i been so happy to see Tiff.

"Tiff, can you like... help me? Please?" i asked, trying to look helpless, even though i already did, half curled up in the corner of a corridor.

She looked quite shocked to see me in such a state, so she said nothing and ran over to me, helping me. Within seconds i was perfectly fine again.

All three of us just continued to walk down the corridor, and we found another alien curled up by the gate. I kneel down beside him to see if hes okay, but keeping my distance.

"I cant do it... my friends, they went in there i heard screaming and i just couldnt go out... they were shouting my name... there was loud roaring noises... i just couldnt..." the alien whispered.

The gates into the arena opened, and in the middle was a crater with some blue orbs that were glowing very brightly. The alien noticed these and ran over to them, and picked one up. It started to get cracks and when it was opened blue mist came out, freezeing his entire body. Then a hatchling crawled out of it and started eating the alien. At this current point we were being blown back by incredibly cold winds.

They were dragons and using ice against ice wouldnt do very well. The winds stopped and the little dragons ran away as the guards took them out of the arena. We could move again, but now that the dragons were gone the room was completly empty.

A Valverin approached us. "Sorry about that, we didnt expect you here so quickly. You can start now" he said and then walked out of the arena.

Then suddenly a massive dragon came flying down, it was like ten times the size of us when it was standing on all fours, it was a crystal like blue and each head had sharp teeth, horns and could breathe a freezing breath that could freeze you quickly.

"It seems to just be getting harder and harder isnt it?" I said to the others, whose eyes are just glued to the thing.

It just stood there, heads swaying, waiting for us to make our move. But we were all frozen from fright thinking there wasnt a way to kill it. Harold sheilded himself and ran at it, and the head on the furthest left went to bite him. Tiffany ran out next as Harold reached its chest and put a shield over her, this time the furthest right head went for her, and Harold cut it off.

I went next as Tiff reached where Harold was, I was sheilded and i ran towards them, the furthest left went for me and Harold cut that head off. We watched as the neck was going all over the place. Then we saw that the furthest left head had come back. The dragon flew back into the air.

I stayed hovering in the air, and it breathed ice all over the floor, Harold shielded himself and me and Tiff jumped over it, as the ice clouds faded the entire floor was iced up. As it landed again the ice cracked, and came apart revealing a bottemless pit. It didnt cover the entire arena, but there was the odd hole here and there were if we fell down i think we would be falling forever.

The dragon swooped down at us, and we got out of the way. But the it had destroyed the floor were we was standing.

"Guys split up i have an idea" I said, and they split up. The dragon went for Tiff, so i ran over and as it destroyed the floor i jumped on its back. I tried to cut a hole into its back but its hide was too thick there. I struggled to think of a solution to killing this thing. It took a second swoop for Tiff, she was now of a part of ice that was stuck to the wall, she had no means of escape.

"Its head grew back... wierdly, it must be like a hydra!" i said to myself. I went over to its middle head, but the other heads werent going to let me there easily and where snapping at me. I dodged and rolled by them and cut off the middle head. The entire thing went beserk until finally landing on the floor and smashing the ice again. Its body went down the chasm and i managed to jump off before i joined it.

The doors opened on the other side of the arena, we walked through the corridors and the voice came again "6 vs King of the Arctic"

"That doesnt sound too good, especially if hes the king" i said to the others

The End

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