Nadia : Fighting Time

Emily rushes over to me, a big cut on her cheek and her hair totally wild. I grit my teeth and ingore the longing to punch her, I know she's like my boss but she's sooooo annoying!

"That was hard that. Now, what next do you think? If I am here long enough I think I can work out what we are up against using obstavation and a little...."

"Shut up Emily! I don't really care!" I snap at her, shutting her up straight away.

It's not really because she annoys me, it's more because I can't use my powers in the new challange. Well, I can but I won't! No one is to know about my powers, they haven't known for a long time and they aren't going to find out now!

Emily looks down at my chemical sword and gasps. "Wow! Where do you get that?! That's an extrodinary find!" I move a couple steps away from Emily and towards the gate of the next trial.

Suddenly the gates open. I look around and step out, Emily walking closely behind. In front of us we can see these eel-like things with spears and nets. They glare at us and start coming our way.

I swallow deeply. "Emily get to the other side!" I yell as I jump away, a couple of spears missing me by inches. I land on my feet and smile at the eels.

I can see Emily on the other side of them, trying to fight them off but not doing very well.

I stab my sword into the ground, making the earth shake as I use the chemicals to spread out to the eel things. It travels quickly to the ones nearest to me, turning them into gas.

I smile and pull my sword out from the ground and run at the rest just as Emily gets stuck in a net. I slice my way through towards her, killing the eels quick and easily. I bring my chemical sword down on the last eels head just when it was about to stab his spear into Emily.

I cut the net, freeing her. She smiles at me greatfully. "That was hard. Lucky we got them all quickly." She pants with a huge smile on her face.

"We? You didn't do anythin..." Before I could finish my sentance two giant mammoth-like creatures. I curse under my breath as I get my sword ready for another battle.

I run at one of them and jump out the way of its trunk. I can hear Emily gasp behind me as I try and slice one of the mammoths but nothing happens, only a tiny scratch is on it and hardly any of it burns off because of the chemicals.

It turns towards me at hits me with its trunk. I go flying back into the wall.

Emily rushes over to me, a worried look in her eyes and fear showing on her face.

"That didn't do anything. It just made them more angry." She says as I get to my feet, wincing as I do so.

"Well thanks for all your help Bookworm!" I spit acidly at her than run at the other mammoth. "Just stay out of the way!" I yell back to her, her getting injured, that's all I need!

I dogde around it, trying to think of a way to kill it with out using my powers. Now, with no other distractions, Emily could see exactly what I'm doing and I know she won't keep quiet about my abilities if she knew.

The mammoth hits me and I fly back into the wall.

"That was silly." Emily comments as I get back onto my feet. I scowl at her.

"Well, I don't see you helping!"

"You told me to stay out of the way." Emily says back, her voice quieter than normal. I growl and roll my eyes.

I go to run back at the mammoths when Emily grabs my arm, stopping me in my tracks.

"What?!" I hiss at her.

"Their bellys. It's their weakness. I've been watching and that seem like their only easy weakness."

I smile at Emily, for once her annoying sciencey words are something that I can use to my advantage. She lets go of my arm and smiles back.

I turn to go back into the fight but stop as I see one of the mammoths running straight towards Emily, there's no time to move. It hits her with its trunk and she crashes into a wall.

Lucky for me, the mammoth hasn't noticed that I'm here. I quickly run under its body and stab my sword into its belly. I move it around, letting the chemicals spread in its body. It cries out and I pull my sword out form inside it.

It falls to the ground (missing me by millimeters) and smoke starts to come out of its cut. I smile, knowing its dead, and run towards the other one.

My eyes quickly turn to see Emily sitting up by the wall, looking hurt and dazed.

I mentally cross my fingers, hoping she won't see what I'm about to do. 

I slide under the mammoth and put my hands on its belly. Liquid starts to come out from my hands and causing the creatures stomache to explode. Parts of it fly everywhere, most of it going onto me and some onto Emily who lets out a little yelp.

The carcas falls to the left of me, smoke coming off it.

I flick its guts off of my face as Emily stands next to me. "That was digusting! I've got some in my hair too!" She moans. I glare at her, she's got nothing compaired with me who is caked in the stuff! Emily suddenly smiles. "This is perfect! Now we can take these samples back to the ship and experiment on them! Maybe it'll explain how that one just blow up and why smoke is coming off of both of them."

Something cold runs down my spine. No. I can't let her do that! If she does, she'll find out what I can do! I shrug it off, pushing my worries to the back of my mind. We're not out of here yet, maybe I'll be able to change her mind. Or, at least, think of something to say when she finds out the truth.

We both walk out of the out of where our trail was and into a corridor. I held my sword steady as we turn towards where we are meant to go for our next challange.

"The Tri Trials!" A voice boomed around us. I look sideways at Emily, wondering what that meant exactly.

"We're going to be with one of the others!" Emily says brightly. I let out a groan. Great. Another person. This is going to be harder to hide my powers with a third person.

"Hello ladies. Oh look at you two, are guts in?" Steve says coming over to us, a wide grin on his face. I scowl at him and hold my sword tighter, my knuckles turning white.

"If I were you I wouldn't annoy me." I say calmly to him. He smiles at me.

"Oh really? What are going to do against me?" He asks, a twinckle in his eyes. I scowl hard at him, he's joking around and I'm so not in the mood for it!

"Be careful Steve, she's a excellent fighter. You should of seen her, after she killed the mammoths, they were smoking like chemicals had been spilt on them..."

"Shut up Emily!" Steve and me hiss at the same time.

Suddenly the gates open for our next challange. I swallow deeply. "This is it." I mutter.

"Bring it on!" Steve says, a huge smile on his face.

The End

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