Bart: Pairs

As i defeated the rest of the ice tiger... things i walked down a corridor, and then another and then another. Until i noticed Harold walking down a corridor in front of me.

"Harold!" I yelled and ran over "How did you deal with the creatures and that water thing?"

Harold lifted up his Frostmyrth waraxe and looked at me "Too easy, i just hacked and slashed at that thing until it died, turns out they have a heart, and the ice tiger things? I did the same to them and they just died"
"You make it sound so easy..." i murmered

Some doors opened in front of us and we walked out slowly and there was a voice.

"Welcome, one and all, to the pairs round!"

"Okay, looks like... eels?" i said "Eels with spears and nets and, this is unexpected"

Harold said nothing and ran forward, i was close behind him, Harold swung in circles, catching a few of them making them back off.

I found it easy, spear against spear combat. Apart from mine was double ended and they couldnt defend from two sides, which me and harold use to our advantage.

They tried throwing nets on Harold but his axe ripped them before they got chance to touch him. Me on the other hand, was easy to get in a net. I was stuck on the floor and couldnt move, an Eel was about to finish me off. As he put his spear back to go for the kill, Harold chopped off its head. He cut me out of the neck and we went back to fighting.

Eventually, when they all seemed to be dead, there was a massive rumble, and gates from the side opened up. Then two giant mammoth type creatures came charging out. They had cyan spines that were sharp, making touching them deadly. Their tusks was ice so cold it could freeze you when it swings at you.

Firstly they got up on their hind legs and pointed their trunks at us, then they shot out poisonous spines, harold sheilded them off. Then one of the mammoths ran at us. I ran at it, hoping i could find a weakness. Of course i didnt do very well, the beast swung for me smacking me to the wall of the arena.

I crawled along the floor in pain, i think my ribs were broken. I rolled onto my back to see that it came after me, it got up on its hind legs again to crush me, but i rolled back. When it stamped the ground i was underneathe it. I noticed that their hides are not prickly by their stomach, i may have found a weakness. I put my hand on it, and got ready to charge some electricity through it, before being picked up by its trunk, thrown into the air and smacked with its tusks again. That sent me to the other side of the arena.

Harold ran over to me, and saw that i wasnt going to last much longer.

"Their weakness is their stomach, if you can get me underneathe one of the with enough time, i could kill them" i explained.

With that Harold grabbed me and put me on his shoulder and ran over to the mammoths. He slid me along the floor whilst attacking the mammoth gaining the attention, giving me enough time to shock the creatures stomach with enough electricity to make its heart stop. Luckily for me, it collapsed sideways.

Harold grabbed me again and attempted the same, but this one saw what happened and wouldnt fall for it, it grabbed me as i was sliding under and threw me back at Harold. It then get onto its hind legs and shot spines at us.

Harold managed to stop them inches away from us, so you could see them floating still above us. Thats when i saw that the spines were venomous, so we had to be careful. Then i got an idea.

I grabbed one of the spines, and told Harold to keep me sheilded, and i ran around the thing. When i thought the time was right, i threw the spine at its eye, getting it and the poison soon took it down.

Some doors opened revealing the way to the next trial, i wonder whatevers next at all.

We made our way through, Harold still carrying me, and noticed that a corridor was coming towards our side, and we looked towards the way we were supposed to go.

'The Tri Trials'

"Looks like we may have more company" i laughed.

The End

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