I walk out slowly, I fell stupid wearing this stuff. I frown down at it.

Before coming into view, I scan the area. It's set out like one of the roman battle places that the citizens used to come and watch. Impressive.

There's a cage thing the other side and from the sounds of it there's some sort of animal the other side. I still look around, my eyes stop when I see a load of water. What's water doing here?

I step out, staying to the sides of the arena. Suddenly the water starts to take form. "My god." I whispear as it towers over me. It roars, well it sounds like a roar, then brings one of it's arms up and down straight at me.

I jump out of the way and quickly jump to my feet. I scan the place, I need some cover while I think of what to do. I look down at my sheild, fat lot of good this'll do.

Wait a second. The sheild! That's it! I hold onto it and close my eyes, I can hear the water creature coming nearer to me. I open my eyes and run towards the cage. A ice like paw comes out to claw me but I move away from it's grasp.

I hold onto the sheild, thinking about the elements that it's made up of. It's unlike anything I've been near before of course because alien but I know that I can still use my ability on it.

I swore that the only time I would use it is in a matter of life and death and this is certainly the time to use it. The water creature is coming towards me, there's no time.

I grab hold of the biggest bar of the cage and think of all the elements that its made up of combinding with copper and iron that I create in the air around me. I close my eyes. "God, I hope this works."

The cage bursts open, the material that was used instead of metal is now a liquid on the floor, I smile but it quickly fades as the ice creatures come out. They growl at me, coming closer. I focus on the liquid, lifting it off the ground and throwing it over the creatures. Quickly they melt.

I use the elements around in the air to turn the liquid into a sword. I run over to it and pick it up. The water creature lunges for me but I block its attack with my sheild and then I stab the creature with my sword. Of course it goes straight through but I combind it with the creature.

Quickly, the water creature turns solid. I jump up and kick it as hard as I can, the sharp heel of my shoe digging into it. I pull my foot away and the creature falls to the ground, defeated.

I form the sword again and run out of the arena and into the next one.

I smile, these are the times when having a ability to control and create chemicals comes in handy.

I wipe the sweat from my eyebrow, what will they throw out next? It doesn't matter, I'll be ready. I tie my blond hair up into a ponytail.

"Hey, Nadia! You're here too?" Avoice yells from behind me. I turn around and wince. No way am I useing my powers in front of the crew. No bloody way!

The End

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