Steve: Trials

Once in the cell, everything went dark. Outside came the guttural sound of what sounded like wolves, and water down a drain.

Slowly the doors rose open and several spheres floated towards me. They must be some sort of camera.

I stepped out of the cell and into a puddle of water. I don't like water, it brought back bad memories of when I was a kid at the beach.

Suddenly the water seemed to group together and form a single mass with arms and legs. I hoisted my Frostmyrth bow and pulled out an ice cold arrow. I shot at the beast, right in between the eyes, but it passed straight through. The elemental lunged at me, the water creating a spear-like tip. I rolled to the side and readied another arrow. As the water streamed past, it struck the floor and erupted, then formed again. I though I could see something, like a small egg-shaped object, but in seconds the water had formed.

"Must be some sort of core, like a heart that holds the water together and creates a conciousness," I could imagine that Emily would have some fancy name for it, but I didn't have time to think what.

The water came at me again, this time I fired at where I thought the heart was. It went through again and seemed to disappear. The water went beserk, spinning around like a cartoon character. I ran towards it, an arm coming at me. I ducked underneath and plunged a hand  into it's chest. I felt something cold and smooth and clutched it, letting my hand heat up until I felt it melt. The water burst all over the floor.

"Whew," I exhaled, but before I could rest, several hound pelted from holes around the arena, "no rest huh?" the hounds growled all around me, all looking like ice, "fine have it your way..."

With the bow over my shoulder, I felt my body get warmer and pushed a hand out, palm facing outwards. I closed my eyes.

A hound leaped at me, in seconds I swung my arm towards it and a burst of fire struck it's torso, sending it backwards. More jumped at me, each time I sent a jet of fire at them, but I was getting weak.

I conserved my energy and rolled under an attacking canine, grabbing my bow and flinging several  arrows at more hounds. Finally they were dead.

I slumped to the ground.

I was surprised when nothing came afterwards. When I felt a little stronger I stood up again. There was an open door. Of course I took it.

There was a short passage until I came to a T, I was about to go left until I heard the sound of footsteps. Immediately I hid round the corner, but whoever it was kept running. As they came to the junction I span round and grappled them, spinning them to the floor whilst holding their arm behind their back. It was Tiffany.

"Get off me you idiot!" she shouted.

"Do you not like being under me?" I asked, she growled angrily, "you could at least say please," I said teasingly.

"Fine, will you please get off me!" I obliged and she stood up, dusting her shoulders, "well it's glad to see you're at least wearing some clothes," she looked at my kilt and shroud, "shame they couldn't give you a top though," I shrugged.

"I like it, more manouverability, without all that ridiculous gear on.

"Well now isn't the time to bandy words, which way did you come from," I pointed backwards, "then let's go that way."

We ran on into another chamber.

"Welcome, one and all, to the pairs round!" a disembodied voice cried. And from the opposite end came some strange creatures, like walking eels.

"They must be the natives who used to live here," Tiff muttered, clutching tightly her katana. It suited her, being a medic, and I could tell that every movement of hers was precise and clinical, never any wasted energy on fancy attacks.

"And I'll bet they're alot tougher than they look to," so saying, each pulled out a sling or a spear and a net. Each moving like specialised hunters towards us.

"For once I'm quite glad I have a power happy moron with me," Tiff muttered.

"Thanks Medic."

The End

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