Bart: Trials

When we set off the blizzards were limting our view. But with Grashawk as our guide it wasnt long before we got to their capital.

We went into quite a large building next to some kind of huge dome, which seems to be quite a Valverin landmark of entertainment. 

The Warchief was quite a large thing, fur as white as the blizzards outside. His eyes were red and he had on his special armour, which Grashawk later explained to be Frostmyrth.

Frostmyrth is an incredibly durable armour, its like ice but has a very high melting point.  

In the Warchiefs armour was the Valverin symbol that is on their flag. the Warchief has very visible marks that show that he is old.

"Sir, these humans seem to be capable of very much, maybe they could help us" Grashawk said to the Warchief.
The Warchief grunted, "What makes you think that THEY are capable of anything?"

Harold was about to lunge, but me and Steve held him back, knowing that a Warchief would have to be a really good fighter to be the leader of an entire race.

"What will it take to prove our worth?" I asked
"Hmm, how about you succeed in the upcoming trials. If you wın, then maybe i will think of you as people capable of anything" snorted the Warchief 
"The trials?" asked Grashawk, startled "Are you just going to kill them all off like that? It always has to be the trials"
"If they live, they will be useful, if they die that just proves they wasnt useful, and that gets rid of them"

The Warchief walked through a door, signalling us to follow him.

We walked into the Warchiefs seat of the arena, where the Warchief would get a front row seat to all the gore. As we looked we saw an alien, cowering in fear at nothing.

Then out of the ground came up a huge arctic worm, swallowing the alien whole. You didnt even see the worm that well.

"So, think you can pass the trials?" asked the Warchief
"Bring it" said Harold

The sound of a lever being pulled and a click, and soon we were in a dark room, slightly lit by a few candles. Weapons were all over the walls, spears and bows and arrows all made of Frostmyrth.

"Is that a trident?" I asked when i took the trident off the wall.

After we all chose what weapons we wanted we were all split up and put into different cells and you could hear growling from the darkness of the corners.

I got my double bladed spear ready, and put some electrical charge in it. The sound of gates opening filled the gloomy atmostsphere, as the arena was indoors.

Water started to leak down the pathway infront of me, I kept my eye on it and backed away slowly expecting a trap or something. Then all the water merged into one beastly figure. Something like a water elemental. It merged its arms into hammers and went for me, I ducked under its arm and jumped onto it. I just fell right through its arm.

"This is going to be abit of a problem" i whispered to myself.

I got back up and the beast went for a second hit, i rolled under it again, but instead i went to stab its arm. Electicity went flooding through it and it roared loudly.

The lights came on with a blinding flash, and something that looked like snow leapards could be seen.

They were like snow leapards apart from they had the look of being ice sculptures. They were completly see through and their eyes were a brıght blue colour. Their claws were like icicles, and they looked just as sharp.

One lunged at me, taking me down to the floor, i grabbed its neck, and held its head up. Which wasnt easy, my hand started to go really cold really quickly. I started to shake violently. I quickly got my spear and stabbed it in the neck.

It hissed and jumped off of me, with my spear still in its neck. I ran at it, hoping it wasnt intelligent enough to react too fast.

I jumped for my spear and it leapt at me aswell, knocking me back onto the floor.

I struggled fighting it back, but then i remembered my spear was in its neck, so i pulled it out and stabbed the beast directly into its head. It collapsed to the floor dead.

I was quite chuffed at killing it. I looked around to see that quite a few had surrounded me.

"For the love of..."

The End

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