"Hothead." Bart says after Steve takes off his clothes. I roll my eyes at them at look around. The place is covered in heavy snow. I sigh and look at the others.

"Which way?" I ask the alien. He looks at me for a while, confused at my different coloured eyes, than turns to the rest.

"We'll meet the Warchief at the centre of the battle area. It's a few miles that way." He pointed east. I nodded, my photographic memory soaking up everything here. Harold starts walking and the others follow.

I stand next to Emily and walk at her pace. It's annoyingly slower than mine but I have no intention to walk near the alien who is giving me strange looks.

"Bet you ladies like the view from where you are." Steve calls back to us, turning his neck back so he can look at me and Emily. I roll my eyes, that guy has one big ego. I hear a soft giggle from Emily and roll my eyes again. This is going to be one long walk.

"Why are you here?" The Steve asks me. I look at him, my face emotionless. "I'm Emily's assistant." I say with a shrug.

"He means on the ship not here, walking to..."

"Shut up Emily." I tell her in a bored tone. She does what I say.

"Yeah, so why are you here?" I sigh and look at Steve.

"The USA thought my science know-how might come in handy. I've worked in the CIA for a long time, than they moved me into NASA. I don't break under pressure or torture and I ignore distractions very well." I shrug again and look ahead of me, finishing the conversation.

"What sort of distractions?" He said, obviously not getting that the conversation was over. I groan a little, annoyed at him talking so much.

"Distractions like men taking their clothes off and talking to me." I snap.

I quicken my pace and walk next to Harold, at least if he says something it'll be to do with the mission. I hope.

The End

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