"Another scientist is awake aswel as me. Wey've come out of our cryo-sleep." I inform Emily quickly. She nods quickly, I can almost see her clocks turning. "You are informed with everything?" She asks me, I nod and she carries on talking. "You should take them to get something to eat and fill them in with everything that is going on in her..." I cut Emily off by putting my hand up.

"I have to?" I ask her, my voice has got a harsh tone to it but I don't really care if I hurt Emilys feelings, or anyones that much. She looks confused. "Of course. I mean, I just assumed that..." I cut her off again.

"It's simple than. Don't assume. It's your problem now. So sort it out." I put simply, tucking my blond hair behind my ear. Emily sighs deeply.

"If you sort it out I'll let you be my assisant." A small smile forms on my face. "Deal." I say and turn towards the cryo-sleep chambers and walk swiftly to where the reacently awaken guy is.


Me and the newly-woken scientist are eating. "You're all filled in. Don't expect to talk to me much. Don't ask me questions. And don't ask me for favours." I say and I finish my meal, shooing the young scientist guy away.

He looks confused but I turn a bit in my seat and drink some of my water, blanking him completely.

After a while he understands and moves on. Emily walks past me and sits with the rest of her 'team'. I screw on my lid back onto my bottle and walk over to their table confidently.

They go quiet and look up at me as I approach. I stare at Emily, a eyebrow raised. She hasn't told them that I'll be tagging along too. Emily clears her throat. "Erm, everyone this is my assistant, Nadia Highs."

"Why do you need a assistant? She isn't going to talk all the time like you is sh..."  The guy that I believe to be called Harold starts but I cut in. "As Emily said, I am Nadia and I don't really like your tone to my colluege." I put simply to him.

The others raise their eyebrows, surprised that someone is standing up to him. Harolds face is reddening with anger. "How dare you talk to me like that." He snapps at me, his voice raising. I know that he could kick my butt but I'm not the kind of person to be kicked around or take any notice. I blink at him a couple of times than turn to Emily.

"We should get to Lab AB. I have my chemicals there and my research, some you will be very interested in." I tell her then turn and gracefully walk towards the Labs. I don't turn to see if Emily is following me and I don't have to look back to see if anyone is staring at me.

I hold my head up high and open my Lab room.

The End

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