Bartholomew: Alavachi

"Alavachi..." Grashawk said.
"That planet doesn't look anything like something that could sustain any form of life" said Emily
"The USA took us there as slaves, we rebelled and pushed them off, we got fleets and weapons from the debris they left apart we made them unique to us" Grashawk explained "Our original home planet was blown up by the USA, some families knew that their friends were hiding and the USA didn't find them, and about half our population refused to leave their houses. Instead of forcing them out they left them... then blew up our planet, the Valverin plan to avenge them by wiping out the USA once and for all"
"Where do we come in?" asked Tiffany
"Your going to help us defeat them of course" snorted Grashawk
"And what will we get from this exactly"demanded Harold
"Well... the USA are going to be chasing you, and we can hide you from them on our planet, you will get homes food and drink... everything" replied Grashawk
"Good enough for me, land the ship" concluded Steve

"Not so fast..." crackled the ships communicator "Not before we take all your cargo and, or lives, we are The Scarlet Hammer, surrender or die! You have 10 seconds to respond before we board your ships and eradicate you"
"Pirates!" grunted Grashawk "They will board us swiftly and harshly, go get your weapons"

We walked down into the cargo bay and scavenged through some of the crates. We saw various foods and drinks. Until we cam across these heavy green boxes, which were most likely weapon containers. We dragged them down and some assault rifles fell out.

"Ah... nothing beats aliens like a good old LI-400" i said loading the gun. Everyone got one of the assault rifles and we came back into the cockpit.

"OK then, your time is up, guess we will be doing this the way we like it... Have a nice funeral" With that the communicator went off, and we could already feel the rumbles of the ship being boarded.

"Seal all the doors on the ship Tiff" i said, and she went onto the ships security and closed all the doors. "Lets have a look at who we are dealing with" i said when i went onto the security camera feed. "Grashawk?"

"Hmm, they seem to be Lythuanians, and Gryllians" said Grashawk "I just wouldn't get into close range combat with those... they are quite deadly"

We went over to where they were going to slice through our doors, and got ready for a fight.

Within seconds they had already sliced the doors and flooded through the narrow hallways of our ship. With the alarm ringing and the hallways painted red with the lights flashing on and off.

There was three corridors, and they were going to be in each of them incredibly soon so we had to act quick.

"Emily and Steve go left, ill go down the middle with Tiff, and Harold can go with Grashawk down right" I said, and that is the directions they all went.

I walked down my corridor slowly, checking my corners and making sure we weren't being followed.

I was then jumped by my side, by some sort of fish creature, i ducked and flippde him over my back and shot it in the face with a burst fire from mt LI-400.

"What mother would be proud of that?" I asked myself as i looked at the body. Soon after two more of them came at me, i shot one and the other had his razor sharp fin by my neck and Tiff shot him in the head. "Thanks Tiff, I owe you one"

We had pushed them back into the part where they had boarded us, and we saw the tube of which they boarded us with. I climbed up onto their ship and (after a while of looking around) found their engine and overloaded it with electricity. The ship exploded and i barely got out alive, thats where Tiffany helped me out.

"I may have nearly died... but that was awesome!" I shouted

"Alright, we've wasted enough time lets get to Alavachi" ordered Steve.

On the way back to the cockpit a scientist walked up to Emily telling her that another scientist had come out of her cryo-sleep. She went in to go and see her, and I being a generally nosey fellow, followed her in.

She started talking to a tall and skinny woman, she had shoulder length spiky sandy hair, and her eyes where different colours. Losing interest in what was going on i went to the others in the cockpit.

"So we landed yet?" I asked, and the rest of them looking at me like im some wierd guy. Even Harold, and he was supposed to be flying the ship.

"Look we will be there in atleast... 10 minutes so please just sit down... eat something whatever." snapped Harold "just let me land this freaking thing"

"Dude, you have a serious attitude problem..." I murmer

The End

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