Steve: Grashawk the Valverin

He grabbed my arm before I could turn him to cinders, so instead we smacked him one in the face. The guy fell to the floor and scrabbled away as Harold called bar fight, which was interesting since this wasn't technically a bar.

Immediately the whole room reacted. Several aliens came at me. I punched one in the gut as the second went to hook me across the jaw. I ducked and speared him into a chair and table. A third smashed a glass and jabbed it at me, catching my arm.

I swung a punch at it's face. He fell to the floor and I was on him in an instant, pommelling him.

I turned to notice the thing with the knife. I raced over but Bart was already there.

At that moment a wierd wolf-like beast appeared from the shadows and grabbed Bart, Emily and me.

"You've upset the USA, gather your friends and come with me," he whispered urgently. I was about to argue but then I noticed several green aliens come from a door at the other end of the cafeteria and begin shooting. Many fell to the floor in fear.

I motioned to Tiff who had ducked down and Harold who was beating up a little thing.

They came over.

"Who's this then?" Harold asked.

"I am Grashawk, a soldier of the Valverin race, now come with me!"

Reluctantly we followed him to our hangar. Only our ship was there still. The Valverin stopped at the door and looked out. He let out a loud, guttural snarl and turned to us.

"Somebody has taken my damn ship!" he clenched his fist. There was a menacing glint in his eyes.

"Who would do such a thing?" Tiffany questioned.

He turned around again, let out a ragged reath and unclenched his fist, "it's a long story..." he said.

"Then would you like to use our ship? You could tell us about it," Tiffany suggested. The Valverin turned his face to her and grunted.

Tiffany led the way to the ship and pulled out a remote, pressing a button. The ramp came down and we entered.

"So where to?" she asked. The Valverin stared at the main console, frowning.

"Set a course for my home world, here," he touched a navigational map and brought out a planet, "that is where my species lives."

The End

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