Bar Fight

"Did she just say slugs?" i asked when we made our way into the cafeteria. I pushed opens the doors, and the smell of various foods flushed through. I could see at least over 20 tables full of different things. Not only that but there must of been over 20 kinds of aliens too.

We all sat down at a table that was clear, I for one didn't trust any other race besides my own. I think that any aliens would try to kill you.

"Would you like to try some of the Berellian slugs, they are very good today" said the waiter, who seemed to be some sort of snail like thing, apart from he didn't move as slow. He was dressed like a normal waiter, his 'skin' was green and he had one eye in the center of his head, that looked rather emotionless.

"Yeah sure why not" murmured Harold

Within seconds a covered plate appeared on the table, and when the waiter lifted the cover up, they were just slugs... "Bonn appetite and all that jazz" the waiter mumbled as he slimed away.

I went to grab one of them, and i flinched to see that one of them was moving. "

 Harold just picked one up and ate it, and everyone at the table looked at him like some insane man.

I picked one up slowly, struggling to open my mouth cause i could just imagine eating a real slug from Earth at the same time. But eventually i ate it, and it tasted... alright. But then i got a bad feeling in my stomach and i started to run to wards the bathroom to puke, or at least i think it was the bathroom. I bumped into this weird lizard thing, and i got kind of annoyed at him for some reason.

"Watch were you're going pal" i yelled. I felt unusually angry, and i didn't know why but i couldn't stop shouting at him there. Steve noticed that i was shouting, had another slug and walked over to me.

"Look calm down OK?" he whispered into my ear "What do you think your looking at, freak?" he shouted at the lizard, he then punched the lizard in the face. Then he went to use his power, but i immediately stopped him.

"Not here, that could be quite dangerous..." i said hastily, but then everyone else saw that Steve had punched the lizard and now everyone was fighting.

"Bar fight!" Harold shouted as he jumped off the table and elbowed somebody in the face. Tiffany also being quite a good fighter, but Emily was backing away as she did not like violence. But a very shady looking alien saw her, and got out a knife and walked to wards her. Emily didn't see that he was coming to wards her. I fought my way through the fighting people, and came to a table where some fat guy was still eating. That was until an alien came crashing through his table putting all the food onto the floor. He got really mad and got up and stomped on the aliens head making it splatter blood all over the floor. I cringed at what i just saw.

I went over to Emily and grabbed the shady alien by the neck, and putting some electricity into him, you could see him shaking and eventually his eyes closed and he was dead. I threw his body into the crowd of people fighting knocking a few down.

"Harold seems to be having fun out there" laughed Emily

The End

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