Steve: Intergalactic Stop-In Space Station

We all ran to the Bridge where the monitors seemed to flash red for warning.

"What do you think it is?" Tiffany asked.

"Some sort of Space Station I would assume... after all only a hangar would have a tractor beam powerful enough to bring in our ship-"

"It doesn't matter Emily, what we need to do is figure out a way to prevent things going bad!" Harold yelled.

Suddenly the communication screen flickered and a face appeared. Strangely it looked human, average size with brown hair and eyes. It looked at us politely and opened it's mouth.

"Greetings, you have now entered United Species Alliance territory, we wish to welcome  visitors from distant planets-"

"USA?" Bartholomew scoffed, "ha, very original."

"My scanners recognise you as human and therefore, I am ordered to issue you grade three human translation devices and lodgings in the Intergalactic Stop-In Space Station No. 56. Please accept our invitation and exit your vessel."

I turned to look at the others and raised an eyebrow.

"Do we trust them?" I asked.

Emily shrugged, "I don't think we have a choice, if they wish us harm we cannot escape."

"I agree, we'll stand and fight if we have to," Harold said.

Everyone looked at him in disbelief, "You agree with her?" Tiffany laughed.

I moved in front of the screen and looked at the being, "we accept your offer," I pressed a button next to the monitor and there was a long hissing moan as the hydraulic door opened. The communication screen went blank and we all moved from the bridge to the exit ramp.

We were in a large hangar made out of metal. There was a large door behind us and ahead was a platform with several stair leading up to another door.

"That will be the Hangar door," Emily said looking back, "I'll bet there's a depressurisation chamber through their..." but she faded out under Harold's withering stare.

We made our way up the platform. Interestingly we were the only ship in this hangar.

The door hissed open into what looked like small lobby. At the end was a desk where the same woman sat. She looked up at us with that same polite smile.

On top of the desk were a dozen earpieces. The woman motioned to these, "These are your translation devices, you will meet many alien species here."

"How do you know about humans?" Emily asked, excitement evident in her voice.

"I am a standard issue information droid compiled with much of the Universe's information, it is my... job, to know about humans. Alternatively, the USA have been studying many distant Alien Races for a long time, long have we awaited the arrival of your species," the robot placed it's hands on the desk next to the earpieces.

I picked one up. It was small and fit snugly onto my ear. I clicked a button and heard a faint humming.

"Now if you would like food, I should suggest you leave for the cafeteria, taking the door to your right, I hear that the Berellian slugs are particularly good today."

The End

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