Bartholomew: Tractor Beam

I woke up in quite a concealed place, it wasn't very comfy and i felt like Ive been sleeping for about a month. I couldn't see a thing around this place, until a door in front of me opened up and the light shined into my eyes.

There was tubes everywhere, with people in them. Must be the cryo-sleep chambers. I got out of my 'bed' and went over to a locker with my name on. Or should i say i stumbled. I had never felt so lightheaded after waking up like this ever. I got my stuff and got dressed in a dressing room, by the time i was finished i seemed to have stopped walking in circles.

Steve and Harold got out of theirs when i came out of the dressing room. Followed by Tiffany. They all got dressed and soon enough we were all getting something to eat.

"Wheres Emily?" I asked, looking confused at everyone. My British accent still seems to make them laugh. "What do you think your laughing at? Bubbles?" i said scornfully. Harold looked at me with a kind of death threat look, as if i really annoyed him.

"I don't know, but seriously, ever since training you've been calling him that. Cant you not see that he doesn't like it?" said Tiffany whilst trying to calm Harold down. Then Emily seemed to have walked into the room after wards.

"Guys we have some bad news, we seem to have been picked up by a tractor beam and we are being dragged toward something" she said, with quite a worried look on her face.

"Ill get us away from it" said Harold with quite some confidence as he got up from the table.
"No don't, if we try to escape they might fire at us, we are not in the position to take fire, not only are our weapons strong enough to defend ourselves from whatever this is but we are not facing the right way either and-"

"I get it Emily!" shouted Harold "ill sit back down then"

Harold sat down and we got back to eating, Emily seemed saddened that nobody would ever listen to what she had to say, Harold always told her to shut up or something along those lines.

"So why were you not sleeping?" I asked her
"I woke up about a week before you did, i couldn't help myself to some of the samples that the science team extracted from this asteroid before" she said, as Harold put his head in his hands, Emily noticed this and stopped talking. I nodded at her to carry on, as i was actually interested. "Not only that but we found an abandoned ship as well, and inside we found some dead... wolf like things, we have never seen anything like it. We might have found alien life this is going to be the best discovery ev-" she was interrupted by a big rumble in the ship.

"Whatever was dragging us in seems to have us now, lets go take a look" said Steve

The End

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