"You know, Major," a figure strolled casually into the meeting room. He approached a chair, turned it round and sat on it back to front, "I do wish you wouldn't speak in such a manner, I joined this project to improve our relationship with the humans, after all... they are paying us."

The Major turned to the new arrival and motioned to the team of five, when he didn't move he said, "this is... the informant as he like to be known," he scratched his head, "goodness knows why-"

"Well I assume it's because he was once an informant and thus would be protecting his identity-"

"Nobody cares Emily!" Harold shouted.

"Now you may be wondering why I am here?" the Informant voiced, he looked around and saw Emily who appeared to want to speak, but she held her tongue, "I was the Superhuman enlisted on the creation of the spaceship you will be living in for some time, and it is my honour to tell you that each of you will have a great duty and that you are leaving on behalf of all the Superhumans in the world.

"Now to business, you have exactly one week until you depart, in this time you will be put through some routine tests and be expected to train for the journey... I am to believe you have all had some experience and I wish you all the best of luck. I will remain here for the rest of the week if you should wish to speak to me about anything. Enjoy your stay here and best of luck."

With that the informant left the room and the five looked at each other. He wasn't exactly an imposing figure, tallish, very thin, brown haired and bespectacled with horn-rimmed glasses. But there was an air of authority and experience in his, as if he had been through much and he had held all of their attentions.

"Alright, now that you've all been briefed, you are given forty minutes of recess and then you will go to the canteen where your dinner will be waiting. After this you must go directly to your rooms until morning when the tests will begin. It is important you do nothing this night and eat only what is given to you as anything other than this and it may affect you tomorrow."

With that the Major left.

Bartholomew turned to the group who stared at him wide eyed.

"Did we join the bloody army?" he said out loud.

"That was nothing," Steve said and looked away, sighing, "trust me."

The End

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