Assembling the Team

"I, Astor Courts, have brought you here for something you will be remembered for" he said "The humans are weak minded, stupid, arrogant fools, and so we have you"

"You have been brought here because you have been chosen to go on an expedition into space" he explained "were you will be seeing various other planets and maybe even alien life"

There were 5 people, 3 men and 2 women all of which were chosen for this expedition. Each of them had their own power.

Steve Aldridge, he had extreme control over fire, he could control it, summon it, anything. His hair is black and is gelled out wards like spikes and he has dyed red, yellow and orange in certain parts for that fiery effect. His eyes are a pale green color and he is a very muscular fellow. His face is quite smooth, with the exception of the scar going down from his right eye down his cheek. Generally nice fellow.

Harold Richardson, he has a shielding power. He can create shields of various sizes that can only withstand certain amounts of damage, when they have been damaged enough they fade out. His hair is a long golden blond going past his shoulders, and covering his right eye. His eyes are dark blue and he isn't the strong type. He had a rough face with stubble and a mustache. Has been known to be short tempered.

Tiffany Hughes, she has the power of healing, and shes good at it too, she can heal just about any wound. All she cant do is reviving. Her hair was brown going up to about shoulder length. She wears glasses that cover up her hazel eyes. Her face is clear and she is just about your average build. Incredibly friendly woman.

Bartholomew Meadows, he can summon lightning from his fingertips, this could also be used to generate power for buildings etc. He has brown hair, very short. He has short stubble on his rough face and his eyes are a faint green color. He is a fairly muscular fellow. Doesn't get along with others very well.

Emily McCarthy has the gift of super intelligence, she knows practically everything to do with our planet and is eager to find out more by exploring the universe. She will be helping the science teams with their work and also, she could be a mechanic if she sees fit. She will normally be reading a book or helping the scientists with their work. She has short ginger hair, just about shorter than shoulder length. With green eyes are a freckled face.

Emily's head popped up out of her book and lit up when she heard Astor's words. "When do we start?" she asked, eager to begin.

The End

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