Steve: Rage

They'd put us through the ringer, all sorts of weird stuff, so what would be next? Something as big as the bloody planet? Heh, I should be so lucky.

What would a bunch of wolf dudes consider to be our biggest threat? Their own kind of course, and six of them strutted into the arena from an ornate arena entrance... one each. The arena itself was immense, like a large snowscape of hills, ice and sheer rock faces, plenty of hiding places and such. That was bad, I don't like hiding places, straight out fights for me.

But the six Valverines walked, their movements exactly the same. Without any form of communication, they broke apart from each other, coming closer to each one of us.

I had a bad feeling about this, they looked like brutal killers...

Mine came straight for me, he was running practically on all fours to get to me faster. The grip on my bow tightened. In one fluid movement I nocked an arrow and pulled the string back as far as I could. The Valverine was very close as I aimed and let the arrow loose.

Before the arrow had left the string the Valverine leapt into the air and span in a corkscrew effect past me. I barely had time to turn before it had landed, span round and swiped a claw at me. It caught my shoulder, then quickly lunged at me. 

Ignoring the pain, I fell backwards to the ground and flipped the Valverine over my head but with a supple agility, he was upright and running at me.

I leapt up and threw the bow to the floor. It just wouldn't be any use in this battle.

The Valverine leapt over my head then landed quickly on the floor, placing his claw in the ground to spin him round fast. This time I was ready and had flames in my hands. I thrust my hands towards him sending a thick plume of fire towards him. The Valverine easily feinted to the right and came at me. It went to claw at my face but I grabbed it with a fiery hand. I heard its roar as it grabbed my hand and flipped me over it's head. I landed heavily on the ground and before I knew it, it was on top of me.

The anger inside me swelled, burning my insides and filling me till it felt like it was pouring out of me. Flames enveloped me and the Valverine leapt away.

There wasn't time to use tactic or thought. With my rage still in place, I erupted, bright incendiary tongues flicking out and blasting the ground, a rock, the Valverine. 

I soared through the air like smoke in the wind and pelted into the Valverine, grappling with him. My hand became one giant, fiery fist that thrust into it's stomach and sent it flying. My other hand became claw-like as I raised it into the air, and where the Valverine lay several beams of fire appeared like a cage.

I spread my arms out and more flames came out of me like wings. they ranged out, arched and met at the point where the Valverine was, erupting like a grenade.

I thought I had the bastard finished but before I could do anything, it came at me from the side and tackled me, pinning me. It was about to rip out my throat when an arrow struck that very claw. It let out a furious cry and bounded off in the direction of Emily. I cried out, hoping to gods she hadn't gotten herself killed in  attempt to save me.

I turned over to get myself on my hands and knees. I was panting and tired now. I could taste blood and spat it out. My shoulder was a bloody mess, I had several gashes all over my chest and my protective coat was pretty much ripped to shreds, whats more my energy level was too low to heat myself up so I was freezing causing increased exhaustion. I looked over to Tiff who was having just as hard a time as me. In fact she was getting backed into a corner with he tall, slime katana clutched in her hand. Boy these guys were pissing me off.

I had to help Tiff, but I had to help Emily. Reluctantly I turned away from Tiff to concentrate on the two Valverines warily circling her. They seemed awefully scared to attack her, but it was just Emily...

Then suddenly, as if they knew exactly what the other was doing, they came in feinting at just the right angles.

Emily let lose one arrow and dove out of the way. The two Valverines weren't stupid enough to crash, instead the put their claws in the ground to stop themselves going too far. The arrow in the floow was right in the middle of the distance between the two. Cracks appeared in the ice, from their claws. Both cracks met at the arrow and both valverines went tumbling into the icy cold water.

"Come to me!" Emily shrieked to us all, "We need to work together!"

The End

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