Bart: King of the Arctic

Steve, Nadia and Emily all came towards us through the other doorway.

"Have fun with the dragon headed thing?" I asked
"Yeah it was... entertaining" replied Steve, with the obvious sound of sarcasm

"Ladies and gentleman of the Valverin... Are you ready to watch these 6 unlucky competitors to face the great Ice Worm Jakkincier?" said the announcer, the crowd was howling and cheering loudly. You could tell that this Jakkincier, this King of the Arctic, was quite a crowd pleaser.

The moment i finished that thought, a huge rumble came and this giant blur shot out of the ground. I jumped to the ground and so did everyone else. I looked up into the air and saw this huge worm like creature, like the one i saw eat the alien before.

It had huge bulging black beady eyes and at least 5 rows of razor sharp teeth. It was a sparkling light blue yet it looked like it was made entirely of ice.

Whilst i was admiring it, everyone else seemed to have ran away, i realized then that i was going to get eaten.

I jumped to the side as fast as i could, and i managed to make it, just...

You could tell it was under you, you could feel the rumbles. You just don't know where it will pop up until the last minute.

As it came up again for a second attempt i was ready, i avoided it at all costs. I decided to throw lightning into its face. Nothing happened.

The third attempt, it didnt seem to be able to hurt anyone.

At the height of its jump, i charged the most power i could and struck it with lightning again, it sounded like i hurt it. I ran back to Steve and the others. As the worm landed on the floor sending a wave of snow and wind knocking us back onto our backs.

It was all quiet when the snow was clearing, and they noticed that the worm was lying in the snow.

We won the battle, and it was that easy, the crowd was barely cheering, they must of wanted us to die. As i walked over to the worm i heard a noise. The worm started wriggling again and jumped into the ground again.

"Steve, i have an idea" i shouted, Steve ran over. "When its on its way down, shoot the strongest fireball you can into its mouth"
"You mean stand under it?" he said back, shocked "no way man!"
"Its either that or let it eat you and you can kill it from the inside"
"Suddenly i feel that your idea was a good one"

Steve started charging the fireball, then the worm shot up and almost got me.

As the worm got to the height of its jump, Steve was starting to get a little scared. He was watching the worm, and making sure he could get the fireball as strong as he could before screaming like a girl and running away.

When he finally gave up he fired it covered his face, like that would help. Then the worm exploded from the inside and we were victorious, for sure.

"They have defeated Jakkincier! Ladies and gentlemen of the Valverin this is a first time ever!" shouted the annoucer very excitedly, like this has never happened before. "The final round, that noone has ever survived even though lucky enough to survive the king. Team Battles!"

The doors opened and we walked in, it seemed to look like the very first room. Frostmyrth weapons all over the walls, i got the doible bladed spear again, and i also got some throwing knives.

"Alright, last round, lets get this over and done with" i said in a serious tone

The End

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