Xeranad: Justice and UnderstandingMature

I see a few patrol cars going by, and I feel a bit disgusted. There's a burning building nearby, and what do they do? Drive by as if there was something more important! I feel the darkness within me well up again... but I push it back, controlling my anger. They were officers of the law... perhaps they can help this woman...

I then see someone standing in the middle of the road... and then I realize why the police cars drove by the flaming sea... they were on a manhunt. Was this the man responsible for the destruction of that restaurant? I cannot say for sure, but the woman's life was on the line, and if that means a criminal gets away, I'm afraid thats just how it is.

The officers, guns drawn, get out of their vehicles and approach the man, and that was when I made my presence known. "Officers... there is a situation that needs your immediate attention." The police and the man turn to face me.

All I can say is that I did not like these officers in the slightest. They looked at me as if they could see through me... that judgmental glare that I have experienced time and time again in the past. It sickened me. I once more had to fight the darkness within me to prevent myself from doing something I may regret.

"I found this woman near the burning building a little ways away. She's mostly alright, but I'd say she still needs medical attention. I suggest one of you take her to a hospital. I do not know exactly what this man here is guilty of, but I'm sure human life is more valuable." I motion to one of the officers to come forward, yet they stood rigid.

"Whoever you are..." one of the officers said, pulling out a pair of handcuffs, "You are interfering in an arrest. We're just going to have to send you to prison."

"Did you even hear what I just said?" I ask, a little astounded by the bluntness of the officer's statement.

"She's not our problem."

Now I was mad. "What did you say? You call yourselves officers of the law?!" I stared at the officers with bottomless fury. "Do you need a refresher at what justice is? I'll tell you..." I draw my sword, and the officers began to fire.

I open a few dimensional portals and redirect the shots right back at them. I aim for the shoulders, and it made them drop their guns in pain. I gently let the girl down, and then walked slowly towards the policemen. "What is justice? It isn't as simple as upholding the law. If that was what it was, then everyone here would be in prison. Justice is something much more simple..."

My anger affected the shadows around me. Out came a few Erebus, clawed and filled with my fury. They saw the policemen and charged right at them, and tore two of them apart before they could scream. The third policeman shouted, "FREAK! MONSTER! ABOMINATION!!" This caused me to will the shadows away. His death would be slow... it's what he deserves.

"Justice... is giving people what they deserve. And you know what I think?" I vanish from this dimension, and reappear a few inches from the officers face. He froze in terror, looking deeply into my white on black eyes, the fury of my left eye burning like hell itself. "You deserve to die... slowly, for disregarding human life in favor of blind obedience to the law. You disgust me."

Before I gave him a chance to respond, I run him through with my blood red sword. "You are the monster. Not me... I hope your soul burns in hell." I tear my blade upward slowly, and he screamed, blood gushing from his mouth. Tears fell from his eyes, as if pleading for mercy... something I felt he didn't deserve. I have never been known for being merciful to people like him.

My raven, Mark, watches eagerly. It wished to feast on the corpse of the man, and hopped on a nearby wall as if he was jumping for joy. I finally rip my blade free from the arrogant cop, and let Mark feed on the carcass... I felt better now that he was quiet, and the still quiet of the night was something that always calmed my soul.

I turn to the man the cops had come to arrest. "Tell me, do you value human life over blind obedience?"

The End

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