Shard: Criminal hospitalMature


I wake up to a less clinical like room, but more locked down as a glass window separated me from a hallway with two bulky looking black people wearing bullet proof armour, then a fight white one walks with a box of doughnuts and one half shoved up his gob. He motion them to open the glass door, and swallows the half a doughnut that is sticking out of  his mouth.

"So here is the deal pal, sense your a superhuman these charges against you are gonna be pretty damn outrageous, plus you don't have any insurance. So I can see that your gonna be in the slammer for a while and be paying for the rest of you miserable superhuman life. Now I don't like your kind much, always competing for more attention, treating normal civilians with little care. Then there is the stupid 'heroes' who make things worse, by getting in the way or escalating the incident. If I had it my way I would be putting a bullet through your head, but that's inhumane apparently. But look your not even human, well actually your more human than most but still medically your majorly different from me or those officers outside of your door,or the homeless joe that pesters me for coins when I walk out of this dump.  Getting to the point you try escaping I'm going to kill you and say I was defending myself on the paperwork." He lectures.

"This is hugely unnecessary. I did save those people from that guy with exploding fists."

"Oh really, if you weren't dumb enough to stand there like some retarded prairie chicken, the damage would have substantially less and the amount of injury's would been reduced, plus all the live that were put at stake too would have been reduced. That is why your in here, and no matter how you play the cards you are still going to get hit because your not human." He says in my face which set off this intense emotion, I wanted to hit so hard, he had no idea, I still don't even know who I am. I'm also pretty sure I wasn't given the choice to be different,he knew nothing, and I was going to get him back for his ignorance. Through fury of my anger a small part of me knew it was wrong, but it justified it that he was not being fair either. 

I try hitting the officer but I'm stopped by the handcuffs.

"Hit A nerve did I? Freak, non human scum. This could be held against you in court you know?" He taunts with a grin. A struggle against my restraints the sounds of the chains snapping and the leather creaking in stress, repeating itself in a furious rhythm. My body each time evolving getting stronger, still the officer laughed in his own ignorance which he would soon pay for.  The leather restraints break and my upper body sends my bed flipping. I yank the the railing off with my forearms still slightly held back by its weight but I'm able to escape from getting crushed by the hospital bed. His face turned to fear and he stumbled backwards falling to the floor his fellow officers entered the room. guns pointed at me. I wing my right arm around taking them both out with the stainless steel railing the was attached to my handcuffs. They fall two the floor the guns landing out of reaching distance. I kneel beside the officer who was taunting me, and reach for the keys on his belt quickly finding the ones to my cuffs. I grab his throat and lift him single handedly.

"I'm not a bad person, but something about your beliefs,and the way you speak make it impossible for me not cause you great pain!" I say with intense anger with deathly defiance in my eyes. I smash him against the glass making the glass crack in a web like pattern. I pull back and repeat throwing him through the glass, blood spewed from his mouth as he fell back  to ground which spattered on my face. He cowardly crawls backwards trying to remove his gun from it's holster. I allow him to do so, then kick it out of his hands and catch it in midair with my left hand, and with my right, I bring my body down, and punch him in the gut breaking the bullet proof vest as well as breaking a few of my own figures. Blood explodes from his mouth staining the wall and floor in crimson. A deep satisfaction from the violence brought a grin to my face as I stand back up shaking my fist, and forgetting the pain. An alarm goes off, Instincts tell me to run quickly and find my two desert eagles before escaping.

After a series of giving the cops non lethal injury's with their own weapons I find my eagles in the arms room being fondled by what I would call a red neck. I quickly disposed of him by giving him a direct wack to the neck. Each second of combat was becoming my teacher and was improving my skills. For my opponents the more they fight me the more dangerous I become. I break out of the criminal hospital and disappear into the streets of Era.

I knew it wouldn't be long until I begin showing up television screens for my actions, but I knew that I could not stay locked up.  However this would be a large crimp in my lifestyle which I haven't even figured out. I wanted to help people, but at the same time, it looked like I was being made into this evil doing person fighting the law. I needed someone's help, I needed direction, it seemed that a part of me wanted maim, terrorize and kill ruthlessly and the other wanted to do the right thing. Obviously the latter was held more power in my head. Still how was I going to be capable of that when people will not want my help, and why should I help them or destroy them anyway? It seemed like destroying them was better because they are prejudiced against me. I shake my head quickly slipping into the shadows as a patrol car drives by.

I needed assistance but who can I go to?


The End

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