Xeranad: Sea of FlamesMature

I continue walking through the somewhat desolate streets, and eventually come across civilization. Or something resembling it, considering the way everybody acted as if they had no hope left in the world. I almost felt sorry for them... almost.

As I keep walking, I see something that draws my attention: a burning building. One floor, signage... a fast food joint, by the looks of it. Perhaps there was a grease accident and the place was lit aflame? Somehow, I find that a bit difficult to swallow. And why were the firemen not here yet?

I decided that this was at least worth investigating, so ignoring the cries of those around me, I step briskly into the burning building. My white armor begins to heat up, but the black leather underneath keeps me insulated. I duck low to avoid breathing in the fumes... as much as I wanted to die, I had no plans to commit suicide by breating in too much smoke. If I am going to die, I'll die in battle with a worthy opponent.

I look around for any clues as to what could cause this, and I found them easily: this was a deliberate act of destruction. Somebody must have wanted to cause a little mayhem and decided to blow up a fast food place... pathetic. Just a shallow cry of attention, drowned in a sea of flames. I'm certain the fool didn't get away unscathed.

I walk out of the inferno through the other side, and nearly tripped over the prone body of a young woman. I stare at her for a moment, and then knelt down to check her pulse...

She was alive, but only barely. She needed help, and soon. I was about to check her for broken bones when the darkness within me spoke: "Why should we help her? Kill her... it's the only thing you're good at anyway... We exist only to kill, to maim, to destroy... why do you deny your true purpose, Alexander Gerard Kahner?"

"Quiet." I replied to my inner voice, the one that has constantly whispered in my ear over the years, since the death of my wife. It tormented me, it haunted me, it spoke of being my friend, when all it was was the darkness of my soul, born when my wife was brutally murdered before my eyes. It wished to consume me... but I would not give it that satisfaction.

I checked again for injuries, and finding nothing serious, I lifted her up and gently carried her away from the blaze. I have no place to call home, and I had no idea where the woman lived... but if there is one thing I cannot do, it would be that I cannot watch as someone young and youthful slowly die... like my wife had.

The End

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