Sam: Dr TaylorMature

I could feel the circular saw against my head. There was no pain, it was only synthetic skin, yet my bones vibrated disturbingly and my vision went blurry in my left eye. Part of me was sad at this. I rarely felt pain anymore, then when I had thought with my brother, I had almost relished the punches he offered, I became reckless and carefree. It wasn't logical.

Suddenly there was a clunk as he put the saw back. He fiddled for a little in the folds of flesh until there was a hiss. I guessed that he had opened the metal up. He sniggered a little as if marvelling at his own work.

"It never ceases to amaze me how well you worked out, I cannot believe it's been fifteen years..." I said nothing, "so... about that message I sent, I'm sorry you couldn't help an old man out, I suppose I have asked a lot and heaven knows you've paid me back threefold for saving your life..." if you call this a life part of me thought, "nasty business that was, you went on us at one point you know... no you've probably forgotten, you said in your drug induced state that you saw a light, after we ressucitated you. It was thanks to the technology that you even survived at all... that and the nanites. You know how I got this tech?" he asked.

"Enlighten me."

"Alienware, I know not what they call themselves, but there was a ship that crashed in Illinois. I got to it first and found the alien inside, he must have been a boy. Well after a little bit of persuasion, I managed to convince him to hand over the technology and the power source and soon had myself, up and running, a majorly advanced lab. Course I never let anyone in, but you should see it," he paused for a moment as if thinking about it in awe.

"You must let me see it sometime," the thought of interfacing with alien hardware was a pleasing one.

"Oh heavens no," I felt him move away from me to say this, then his shadow was hunched over me again.

"Tell me, what does it look like?" I asked. There was silence for a moment.

"You don't want to know," he said softly, I tapped impatiently against table but he wouldn't give in. Finally I heard the clatter of the scalpel and tweezers and the hiss of the metal closing again. Again, I could feel nothing except a slight lightness on my right side, "the nanites shall recreate the skin," I grunted in aknowledgement, "soon the brain shall begin sending messages to the metal, it should reconfigure itself into the necessary shape, suffice to say, you may feel a slight sensation... though I am unaware as to whether you feel much these days-"

"No," I cut in and he went silent. He pulled off the gloves and threw them in a bin. After washing his hands, he came to my side again and I sat up, "so what's new?" I asked, as if asking about his life.

"A general upgrade, you should work more precisely now, slightly faster. Also, I left you a surprise, I wont tell you what it is though," he smiled mischievously at me. I raised an eyebrow, otherwise my face was impassive, "oh you're not even going to guess?" he looked slightly miffed at this, "fine, it's an electronic charger. You can send information at a distance now... you can also use it as an offensive weapon if needs be," he smiled again but I ignored him.

"Thankyou Dr.Taylor. You know the way out," I nodded curteously and he left the room.

I lay back on the table preparing to shut down. I needed time to reconfigure.

That night I had my first dream in a long time.

The End

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