Sam: Time for an UpgradeMature

The place was trashed. Holes in the walls and ceilings, broken bits of machinery spewed wires and other bits of hardware all over the floor. It would take ages to fix, for a normal person.

I left the room, entering the small, circular corridor, and moved towards the centre were a glass lift stood. I pressed the button and waited a moment. It slid smoothly and soundlessly into place and entered, moving back to the top floor. I left that corridor and entered the Control room again. Once there I placed my hand on the main Hub and sent a series of commands. Within moments, my maintenance crew were all over the mess, lifting up the many large scraps of metal and were soldering the new metal into place. I sighed, a tinge of anger reflected off my brow.

Was I losing myself? So used to the whirring of the mechanisms and the electrical pulses that crossed with my nerves was I, that somewhere along the line I seemed to have forgotten the human side of myself. I recalled vague memories of the self-loathing I had once felt, now hidden under layers of knowledge and logic. I knew that if I returned to my more human side, I would be overcome with such grief that I would not be able to process properly... and that was just not logical.

After what felt like hours, one of the maintenance guys nodded at me, his colloquial way of saying "I'm done," I smirked a little at how human this action was. Yet part of me reprimanded that thought, resented it.

I put my hands on my forehead and rubbed. I could feel that one side was slightly softer than the other. Much more vulnerable. And it was only after a momen that  realised I was bleeding.

I felt the sharp twinge of pain and the slow release of endorphins. I shook my head in surprise. After leaving the room and entering the medical facility across the corridor, I placed a hand within a chute and waited. I felt the movement of microscopic nanites all over my body, looking for injuries. Within moments I was spotless apart from the faint splatterings of blood.

A thought struck me, so I left for the lab on the left of this room. It was full of all sorts chemicals and experiments, there was a section were several mechanical hands were busily detaching and reattaching an engine and improving it. I took a piece of cotton wool and dabbed at some of the blood. Once done, a mechanical hand took it off me.

"Analyse it, see if you can replicate it too," I ordered and the hand instantly got to work.

The central Hub was humming, several messages coming through already now that the comms were back online. Again I sighed.

I listened to them all. Mostly they were requests for information from just about every self-proclaimed hero in Era and even a few death threats from enemies I'd made, so just the usual. Only a few caught my attention.

"Subject 15 has left, I was hoping you could guide him to you,"  the voice of Dr.Taylor requested.

"If he wants to come, he will find his own way," I was sick of playing poppa bear to his little experiments.

"Chased down that lead, you were right, could be a threat," I smiled at this, I loved threats, it gave me a reason to upgrade the base.

For a while I read throught the rest of the messages, sending several requests at the same time. I was vaguely surprised at how quickly I had moved on from the incident, as if it had never happened. Yet inside I could feel something stirring, desiring change.

I sent one final request before retiring to slumber.

"Inbox Dr.Taylor, tell him his old friend wants to see what he's got."

The End

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