Xeranad: The Depths of the SoulMature

My name... is Xeranad Lekard... no... it isn't... but I don't really care about who I used to be anymore. That person was a weakling, who couldn't even save those he loved. I was far removed from that weakling now. I had power, I had knowledge...

So why did I feel so cold and empty inside? In gaining supreme power, did I forfeit my own humanity?

And even now, I can see her face... her beautiful form, torn apart and ruined before my very eyes... I feel a tear streak down my masked face. Was I... crying?

Dammit, I am a warrior, not some helpless babe that cries whenever it doesn't get what wants!

The people of this city were absolutely pathetic. They had so much talent and power, but they squandered them, using them for matters such as personal gain. Were these... HUMANS... so petty that they would kill their own kin when they saw a huge amount of jewels, gold, and money? Or had I simply fallen behind the rest of humanity, retaining values such as honor and mercy when the rest of the world had determined to put it to death?

Anyway, it matters not. If the world wishes to become my enemy, then I shall fight like I always have. Whether I die or not doesn't matter to me anymore. Hell, I would welcome death with open arms... my life is so empty it lacks meaning or purpose. I exist... and that is it.

My emotions of pain, hatred, sorrow, nihilism, doubts, fears, ferocity... they began to run rampant within me, and the shadows around me began to form into the monsters which were my allies and companions for so long. My pain became the mighty Wraiths, dragging long knives along the ground and wearing helmets which dripped in blood. My sorrow became the Sirens, their frail appearance mimicking my deceased wife, yet having sharp claws capable of rending human flesh with ease. My hatred formed the Erebus, wolflike humanoids with long claws and sharp teeth. My nihilistic emptyness became the Locusts, their insatiable appetite for destruction perfectly complementing their hybrid appearance of a wasp and a praying mantis with bat wings. My doubts and fears became the disturbing Specters and Dullahans, one looking like a cross between a manta ray and a jellyfish, the other an even more disturbing hybrid of a headless centaur with an eye in its chest and human limbs instead of those of a horse. Finally, my ferocity became the Gremlins, their vicious nature easily noticeable in their small muscular form and frog like bodies.

My raven, Mark, sat itself upon my shoulder, and for the first time in a long while, with my shadows behind me and my raven sitting upon my shoulder, I felt complete. I drew my sword, Chaos, and raised it high into the air, and I let out a laugh.

"KYA-HAAAA-HAH-HAHAHAHAAAAAH-HAHA! City of Era, prepare thyself... I have come to exact bloody retribution against all who stand in my way."

With this pledge, I felt the darkness of my soul grow stronger and more vicious. It wanted me to kill, to maim, to destroy... and for once in my life, I felt happy to oblige.

The End

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