Sebastian: BrotherhoodMature

"I'm sure it was devastating for you," Sam said, "now if you please, I am a very busy man, could you make this quick."

"Oh I'm sure, i know you were used to getting what you wanted straight away, i must make this quick" I said "In fact, i don't know what i want, could it be revenge maybe? Through all my years of living with those so called 'parents' whilst you were the spoiled brat! But they eventually turned on you, like the freak that you are, after you got blew up and rebuild with all of those metallic parts"

I began to walk toward him, you could see he was going to go into a defensive state. "Or ask you to join the evilness, considering your helping people in this dam shit hole!" I shouted "Or maybe i want a job? And because your the super smart-ass ill let you be the one to choose which"

Then it came to me, i shouldn't have mercy, it was because of him that i had a bad childhood, and he had to pay.

"You know what, i don't care anymore. You ruined my life and now, i get my own back" I mumbled

I slammed my hand onto the ground and spike erupted from the floor, and they kept erupting up towards Sam. He jumped out of the way and ran toward me and went to tackle me. I switched into my armor which then brought his body to a stop in mid air.

He hit me with a series of punches, which really hurt because of the metal he is made out of. I went into my strength mode and punched him in the gut, sending him through a wall. We were then in some weird open empty room, what a good place for fighting.

He punched me in the face, and i trip him up with my leg. He hits the floor hard and then i jump into the air and on my way down. My fist went into his face with a very high speed, sending us down a floor.

He got up swiftly, and kicked me in my side. I went sliding along the floor until i put myself to a stop. I switch into my arm whip and attack him from a distance, stabbing his human flesh. I then grabbed him with it, pulling him towards me and letting go before he got to me, sending him through another wall.

I ran in through the hole in the wall, jumped up and kicked him in the face. I landed on the ground and tripped him up again. I got out my blade and held it to his throat.

"Looks like i win" i said with a smile, but then he had a devious smile on his face. I looked around and then i saw something, and it shot me in the eye. As i was busy holding my eye to prevent blood loss, he grabbed me by the neck and threw my over his body, making me land on my back. It put a good smash into the ground.

After that the lights went out, but he could still see me. I turned on my heat vision, which only gave me limited eye sight. But i could see him, barely...

I began to fight back, whilst his defences tear me to shreds. I was being shot, shocked and there was a gas making me drowsy. He punched me in the face again, but this time, sending me outside of the base and into the city.

When i landed onto the floor, all that was left of me was a puddle of red liquid.

Hours later, a bird came along, thinking there was a nice snack, chewing on my remains. As it flew away, i started to make my true form again. As i turned from bird to me, i noticed that i was nowhere near the base, but still in Era.

The End

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